Acer Travelmate 5760G Intel HD Driver issues

Hi Team

We are having major issues with a customers Acer Travemate 5760G post memory upgrade. Background info is that we upgraded the machine from 4GB of memory to 8 GB and since that time the machine has not been able to load into Windows with the Intel HD graphics adapter enabled.

The machine will load past post and get to the "windows is starting" screen with the black background and restart itself before you get to the landing page.  The machine is able to load into safe more or normally with adapter disabled.

We have tried installing various versions of the driver from Acer's site, Intel's site and the version available through Windows update but as yet no joy.

If anyone would be able to help it would be much appreciated.

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Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
Is the controller interface set to ACHi or iDE if its set to iDE and you run the 64bit OS it will not load, set interface to ACHi and reload OS
optimus_nzAuthor Commented:
Hi Nattygreg

Just checked in BIOS and it was / is set to ACHI

Scott ThomsonCommented:
What happens if you delete the driver entirely and try to boot into Windows in normal startup? does that load?

Secondly have you ran a bios post test to make sure ram/hdd etc are all working correctly?
safe mode loads only basic drivers. so if the issue is the driver from the graphics card then uninstalling it should let windows boot successfully.

Other option is boot into windows successfully in safe mode. choose selective startup and pick 1 thing to enable each time. when you fail to load into windows you have your culprit.
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optimus_nzAuthor Commented:
Hi Scott

The laptop loads straight into Windows normally if the driver has been removed entirely, same if you disable the intel display adapter. Its day and night.

We have tested the memory using memtest86+ but not hard drive or any other components thus far.

We believe that the culprit is the Intel HD adapter driver, without it there are no problems. The issue is that we must have it running, user uses dual monitors from the laptop and the generic driver doesn't appear to be capable of doing this.
Scott ThomsonCommented:
Have you tried to use a Windows update version of the driver?
Also have you tried dropping the version to 2-3 versions before the current one?

and lastly have you tried to reimage the machine to test if its a problem with modified files?

if you cant reimage the machine I would maybe try a vm version and see if the problem replicates?
does it work ok again if you switch back to 4 GB ram?
is the extra 4 gb the sam brand and specs as the original?
test also with only the NEW 4 Gb installed !

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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
The only way to make it work - try different driver version from Intel. Not the one from Acer website.
I had recently this problem where the same driver on the same controller was working ok on one machine and on the other machine (slightly different model with 3G) it caused BSODs. Older version of Interl HD Graphics driver resolved the problem.
optimus_nzAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys

Scott and noxcho, we have tried using driver through Windows updates and various version's from Acers driver page and Intels own driver update page.

We have actually reinstalled Windows on the machine as well.

nobus. Won't have the laptop back for another day but will test with just one of the modules.
ok  -post results!
optimus_nzAuthor Commented:
Hey Guys

Thank you for all feedback. After swapping around the memory modules, having them install as individuals we were able to isolate the issue being cause by one of the modules. Even loads to windows with the good new module and the old one (clocked down speed though)

We have arranged for a forward replacement for the faulty memory.

Thank you all for input.
optimus_nzAuthor Commented:
After installing modules individually we were able to isolate one of the modules as faulty or at least causing the issue.
tx for feedback  -strange that memtest86+ did not report errors..
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