onenote not syncying with my account online

I am using onenote 2013 at home and at work.  I also have the iphone app.  For some reason, it's not syncing with my home account and with other accounts.  So on my iphone, it's showing me old notebooks that are not even listed on my home onenote.   I can't figure out what is happening.  I only use one hotmail account, so I'm sure I don't have multiple accounts.

With onenote, using onedrive, I can't just copy them to my desktop and then delete everything in the onedrive and copy them back, because when I use the onedrive app on my home PC, my notebooks are as a "internet shortcut", so how do I actually get to my real onenote files?

DanNetwork EngineerAsked:
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Hi Afacts,

I use OneNote on two laptops, two iPads and my phone. The only thing I ever did was log in with my old hotmail account that I use for that sort of stuff.

I never actually deal with the OneNote files themselves and this cloud stuff has made it so that I'm not even sure where they are.

Have you tried logging out and logging back into to your account from the various devices?

Having shortcuts sounds like you somehow pasted a web-browser shortcut to and into a notes page in a OneNote app.

You might also just test from your home machine: log in to your account on and see if you can find the updated notes from your work machine.
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I logged in to
under documents, I have my notebooks, and they are fine, they look to be in the MB size, so those are the real files.

Now at home, under onedrive, for all these notebooks, they are just internet shortcuts.  How do I fix that?  Do I just delete them?  If I do, how do I bring back the actual files to my onedrive app on my my home PC?

Now at work, under onedrive, for all these notebooks, it's the same, it just says internet shortcuts.  I didn't create these shortcuts, that's just what it says.

I have attached a picture for your review.

So now what do I do, I'm not sure what to do?

What happens when you log in to (Not OneDrive)

I  don't ever look at the OneNote files, I let the app manage them.
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DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I logged in to and it only shows me the notebooks in my main account.

All the notebooks in a folder called network admin are not showed. At, it doesn't even show me that folder, so I can't even access them.

I think I have two problems.
1. my notebooks not syncing,
2. the second is, when I used onenote 2010, I had one notebook with a lot of tabs on the top.  After I upgraded to onenote 2013, it took all my tabs and make them individual notebooks, which I don't want, way harder to manage and If I add all those to my main folder, I would have way to many the scroll through.

So I'm not sure how to fix either problem.

Any ideas?
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
is there a way to take all my 60 notebooks and just make them into one notebook?
Because when I upgraded from 2010 to 2013, it took all my tabs and made them all a notebook, which I didn't want to do
Ok, I just went to my OneDrive folder, and I see shortcuts to notebooks there. So that appears to be a normal thing. I created these notebooks in OneNote "using the cloud" and never thought about where they were stored.

I think you have older notebooks where you were conscious of the actual file locations, but these are not "shared" or "cloud enabled", evidently.

So that means, that your older notebooks need to somehow be told to do the synchronizing. I've never done this, but I found this thread that might help. It's for OneNote 2010, but hopefully the process is similar for 2013. I don't have time today to check, but maybe it will help you:

I'm going to copy the answer's steps here, because MS links change so often(!)

How to synchronize OneNote and SkyDrive

   1. On your PC, open OneNote 2010.
   2. Go to the Notebook you want to enable sync, click on File > Share
   3. Choose your Notebook and then click on the Sign In button and enter your Live ID(aka MSN/Hotmail/XBox ID)
   4. Once you sign in, click on the Share Notebook button in the lower right. It will upload your notebook to your Skydrive
   5. Now notebooks will be automatically synced among different OneNote clients if they are online.

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DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help, I got online with microsoft support for free :)

He didn't really fix anything, but I consolidated my notebooks and deleted some and now I'm down to about 7 notebooks and all are on my onedrive.

My only problem is still with my work notebook, it's only one notebook, but it has my 60 tabs as separate notebooks.  I still have to figure that out.
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I talked to a tech with Microsoft and this is happening by design they said, with onenote 2013, it creates a .one file for every tab.  That's a terrible design, but there's no work around.
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