Does the windows 7 image tool support dissimilar hardware restore?

if I want to buy a new pc (different spec) and still using the same hard drive from my old computer. It looks like I can make it using the windows 7 native image tool with the use of sysprep?!! I knew product like Arcronis and paragon able to do this, but didn't know windows 7's native tool could achieve this too.... is this true? Here is the article I found but I haven't tested it yet. And if it works, even with Acronis or Paragon, does this break license agreement of OEM and retail license?
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Yes it would officially break license agreement of OEM but for as far as i'm aware you could actually get OEM these days when you only buy a harddrive :). So reactivating could be done easily..

And i dont think this will work perfectly on new hardware. When you sysprep the machine it will only remove the GUID en specific personalisation, the image will still hold old drivers and stuff and these will give you issues, although that's what i normally see when doing these kind of things.

Looking at the article i'd still say it's worth a try. But as stated, do make a backup (using a tool like ghost or something similar) of the machine before doing this.

And as a personal note. If i get a new machine i always do a clean install of the machine because in my opinion you don't want the old rubbish of your old machine (just my 2 cents though :))

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It depends on where you live. In the EU and countries like Switzerland you are allowed to move an OEM OS to other hardware, so in those countries you can reactivate Windows by phone (provided you remove the OS from the old PC). In most other areas of the world you can't move an OEM version of Windows to another PC, and you can't reactivate it by phone.

The built-in backup of Windows doesn't include a restore to different hardware option, but generally with Windows 7, such an option isn't as necessary as it used to be with previous OS's. If the restored OS has problems booting, you can try rescuing it using Paragon's free Rescue Kit (or the paid version if you are using it in a business environment):
Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
ImageX itself?  No.  MDT?  Yes...with lots of work.  Would need to know what exactly you are trying to do.  If one off image, I would say Acronis and if a fleet of computers VL with MDT.
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