Loop through multiple charts on a form in vb express

Hi all

I have a form with several chart objects (Chart1, Chart2, Chart3, etc.). The charts are created at runtime (currently using a with statement to define numerous properties of the chart).

At the minute I am using:

With Chart1
List of properties

With Chart2
List of properties


However, as all the charts have multiple properties in common, I wondered if it was possible to loop through every chart on the form and set these common properties? This would drastically reduce the amount of code.

I've played around with trying to assign variable names to the charts and using 'Do' for each control on the form that is a chart, but my programming skills are pretty basic, and there is always something that VB doesn't like.


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Hi Terry,

You can easily loop through all the controls on a page. You can then check their type or try to cast them as a Chart object. If successful, you know you've got a Chart object, and you can perform Chart object operations.

Here's some sample code. Make a Windows Form, drop a bunch of controls (including Charts) on it, then run the code (place the For loop in a button click procedure, for example.)

    Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

        For Each c As Control In Me.Controls '//...Me is the form

            '// Dump the name of every control on the form:
            Debug.WriteLine("Control name: " & c.Name)

            '// Detect if this control is a chart, then do
            '// chart stuff to it:
            Dim chrt As Chart = TryCast(c, Chart)
            If (chrt IsNot Nothing) Then
                '// For example Control objects don't have Images.Count, 
                '// but Charts do!
                Debug.WriteLine("-Chart image count: " & chrt.Images.Count)
            End If


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Keep in mind, I don't think this will hit everything if you've got controls on Panels or in groups. You would need to recurse into any container objects and look at each child of the container. You can check with:


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Then loop through, for example:

For Each cChild as Control in c.Controls()

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TerrygordonAuthor Commented:
Hi Visio guy

Brilliant. It works perfectly.


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