installed new NAS drive, but connection runs very slow over VPN, but was fast when data was on server

hi, I've just purchased a Seagate business storage NAS so I could move data from my windows 2008 sbs.
I have a remote site, which has a site to site VPN.

The users at the remote site complained it takes longer to access the folder shares since the shares were moved from the server to the NAS.

I just so happened to leave a copy of the old share on the server (hidden share now), just in case anything went wrong.
after some testing from a remote pc I get the following time scale in accessing a share,

remote pc to server (old share) - 5 seconds
remote pc to NAS (new share) - 28 seconds

Seagate won't help me, due to a VPN being involved. Can any one point me in a direction to try a few things that may increase the speed.
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Is the 5 seconds also over the site to site VPN ? In that case, it's a bit weird. Especially if people at the same site aren't seeing speed differnces, only VPN users.
total123Author Commented:
both 5 and 28 seconds are from the same pc from the remote site over the VPN.

the staff working locally where the NAS is, are working fine.
Assuming both are standard windows shares (SMB), it could be that the NAS uses an older inefficient version. If the NAS has FTP access, you can test it easily (if FTP has also a 5 second transfer, you're pretty sure).
Of course, the solution is going to be a problem, as you depend on Seagate to solve it, which they might not want. It involves extra budget for Seagate, and it only solves VPN related speeds issues. They'd rather lose one customer than spend time and money to solve a "minor" problem.
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total123Author Commented:
so in your eyes i should be able to use a NAS to replace my storage and get the desired speeds i already have or similar at least ?
First try FTP to see if it transfers in 5 seconds.
AFter that, it's probably indeed the SMB protocol that introduces the lag (mostly seen in SMB v1). However, most NAS like to use older or free versions (linux based) of this protocol, so with another type or brand you might still face the same problem. So you will probably end up with a much more expensive unit (one with Windows Server embedded), so I hope your budget allows for that.

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total123Author Commented:
purchased an SMB 3.0 NAS
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