How do I identify which computer/ip is causing high latency on an internal network?

There is high latency on the network, which is causing slow internet speeds.   For instance when doing a ping -t, the times can spike in the hundreds, even up to and over 1000, most are under this however.  There are the few double digits within normal range.  
Apart from unplugging each network device to determine where the latency issue is, is there any software or another method that would assist in identifying the computer/ip/device which is causing high latency?
All this is on an internal network.
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It may not be a single computer that is contributing to high latency.

You may want to trying to a trace route (tracert on Windows) to see where the latency seems to be getting high.  It could be that it is outside of your network in which case there is nothing you can do.

Do you have a managed switch?  You can look at the individual ports to see if any single host is sending/receiving a lot of traffic.

Latency is based multiple factors which all include:

1) Distance between the two end points.
2) Number of hops between the two end points.
3) The slowest link between the two end points.
4) Amount of traffic on all links between the two ends points.

Normally #4 is what causes the most issues, as #1-3 typically are fairly fixes.  Although with dynamic routing multiple paths between two host #1-3 can also vary.

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Unsure if this works, however I need to ask more questions, so I need to close this.  I will presume this is good advice.
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