Build a clearOS network (cost effectively)

I want to build a intranet/extranet network ClearOS and that integrate with cloud services. What would be the most cost effective hardware/software route to take.
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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
This is far too general to be answered. Im happy to go down the rabbit hole with you for a bit but I'm going to need more information.

For hardware starters if you want something tiny look at the brix or supermicro

Since clearos has multiple pieces each one can be seperate and has its own requirements. For example if you want it as a router/gateway, what speed Internet connection would it have to support? A fast connection with gateway antivirus and IDS and content filtering takes way more horsepower than a asdl modem without any extras.
ClearOS aka ClarkConnect is a small business server.
It can replacew file/print server and internet router, so logically one normall office connection and optionally WAN cable.
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
Get the box that Aron suggested, you need alteast 8 gigs of ram and a 250gb ssd and processor of 2.5gb or better. then fire up clearos it will be a great headless system when configured properly.
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Generally, ClearOS does a good job at auto-detecting hardware and most mass-market network cards are supported. ClearBOX also includes wireless support and you can read more about this hardware solution here. Though wireless card drivers are included in ClearOS, wireless is not officially supported in the software version.

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mc2exploreAuthor Commented:
Yes Aaron, you are absolutely right. My request is too general to get the kind of advice that would be use ful. So let me start over.

I am try to design a back end to a website which offer services. The back end which is separate from the website though linked in terms of it being the order fulfillment part. It requires for employee to log in via a landing page remotely using user ID and password in to a workspace which becomes like an office. based. Employee are required to collaborate on the same document, The process is driven by a project management software. This internet based company will also need to have the departments ie payroll/accounting, HR, administrative of a traditional business. This must all be integrated with access based on profile and need.

I am trying provision the hardware requirement to create this environment where up to 100 people can be log in at anyone given time. This may increase as the business grows. This back end internet business should integrate relatively easily with cloud based software and storage space. I will need a very resilient real time backup and restore system that the business don't fall apart as soon as something goes wrong .

This a type small to medium sized enterprise system. I want to use the cloud in the most beneficial way, but don't want a totally cloud hosted business. I have looked at clearOS as a potential part of the hardware platform, but i know it could only be part of the puzzle. I need the help of you expert to determine the hardware requirement, the functions they will perform and how they will integrate for this internet based company to work as a VPN/intranet /extranet.

Thanks for your feedback.
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
so you just want a router/gateway? Unless you have over a 100mbit connection either of those boxes I mentioned are more than enough.
ClearOS is not the best universal application server platform. You can start with CentOS clearOS is based on.
For small-to-medium setup it's beauty is that it is network router/firewall and office authentication/file server in same box.
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