How to expire Cisco ISE internal Endpoints

Hi all,

We are currently offering a guest wireless network using self-registration through a Cisco ISE custom guest portal.

We want to move from user account based access to DRW (DEvice Registration WebAuth) after clicking to accept an acceptable use policy

My tests using drw were successful.  However, it creates a permanent entry in the internal endpoint database.

I do not want guests to have to accept the AUP everytime they connect within a single day, but I do want to expire their endpoint account after a certain period of time.

Is there a way to do this?


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Craig BeckCommented:
In a nutshell, no.  Once the endpoint's MAC enters the Internal Endpoints database it remains there indefinitely, or until you delete it.

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HugoJJ71Author Commented:
Thanks Craig, I thought as much since I couldn't find anything on the matter.

I guess using the API's, we could semi automate the deletion of, say, week-old endpoints members of the Guest Endpoints group?
Craig BeckCommented:
HugoJJ71Author Commented:
Thanks Craig, I'll be able to test the APIs later this week and circle back to let you know if it worked.
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