Retrieve parent - child relation from a XML file

Hi experts,

I've got this XML file that represents a nested parent-child relationship between folders.

I'd like to save these relationships in to my database but before I can save them I have to retrieve them. And I have little knowledge reading XML in VBS.

My table is simple it has these fields :

ID (record identifier)

I've got a XML structure like in the image beneath. As you can see I've simplified it caling the folders grandmother, parent1, child1,2:

The desired result I like to be able to collect in my table should be something like:


But the DB part is no problem and can be done by myself.
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Robert SchuttSoftware EngineerCommented:
Based on the script from your previous question http:/Q_28495636.html and assuming ID is automatically generated:
Option Explicit

Dim msg, xmlDOM, folder, folderItem, folderid, foldername, parentID

msg = ""

Set xmlDOM = CreateObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument")
xmlDOM.LoadXml "<?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""utf-8""?> <index> <exportdate>2014-01-01</exportdate> <folders> <folder> <id>384</id> <name>Grandmother</name> <documents/> <folders> <folder> <id>404</id> <name>Parent1</name> <documents/> <folders> <folder> <id>405</id> <name>Child1.1</name> <documents> <document> <id>1</id> <version>1.0</version> <title>Directiebeoordeling O&amp;G</title> <extension>.docx</extension> <summary/> <iconurl/> <viewerurl/> </document> <document> <id>2</id> <version>1.0</version> <title>doc2</title> <extension>.docx</extension> <summary/> <iconurl/> <viewerurl/> </document> <document> <id>3</id> <version>1.0</version> <title>doc3</title> <extension>.docx</extension> <summary/> <iconurl/> <viewerurl/> </document> </documents> <folders/> </folder> <folder> <id>407</id> <name>Child1.2</name> <documents> <document> <id>4</id> <version>1.0</version> <title>doc4</title> <extension>.docx</extension> <summary/> <iconurl/> <viewerurl/> </document> </documents> <folders/> </folder> <folder> <id>408</id> <name>Child1.3</name> <documents/> <folders/> </folder> </folders> </folder> <folder> <id>389</id> <name>Parent2</name> <documents/> <folders> <folder> <id>385</id> <name>Child2.1</name> <documents/> <folders/> </folder> </folders> </folder> </folders> </folder> </folders> </index>"

Set folder = XMLDom.SelectNodes("//folders/folder")

For Each folderItem In folder
	folderid =folderItem.SelectSingleNode("id").text

	If folderItem.parentNode.parentNode.nodeName = "folder" Then
		parentID = folderItem.parentNode.parentNode.selectSingleNode("id").Text
		parentID = 0 ' top level
	End If

	msg = msg & "INSERT INTO ... (parentID, folderID, folderName) VALUES (" & parentID & ", " & folderid & ", '" & Replace(foldername, "'", "''") & "')" & vbcrlf
Set xmlDOM = Nothing

msgbox msg

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SteynskAuthor Commented:
Again Robert. Thank you very much for excellent your help.
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