block kids from downloading games or files

I installed Windows Live Family Safety. Set up a standard user account for the kids. Logged into Family Safety from the Administrator account and checked "Block all downloads" in the web filtering section. Switched user to the kids and tried to download a game. It downloaded as if there were no restrictions. What can I do to prevent any downloads by the kids?
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Rick HobbsRETIREDCommented:
Microsoft gives step by step instructions at the following location. Let me know if you need further information.
Hi  atf3doc
Did you log on as the default administrator?
Set up Family Safety

you may have to put higher restrictions as downloading files is not always using a browser, there is also download manager tools. uTorrent ,   example of download managers
The best procedure is to make kids accounts non administrators. But they can still use friends computers and USB sticks.

To set Up Parental Controls for any User
Go to Control Panel> User Accounts>Set Up Parental Controls for any User. You can then select the user for whom you want to set up controls. After making this selection, pick the "Games" category. You will then receive several options for limiting or completely shutting down gaming privileges.
Block the specific websites with which you have trouble. If you know of a specific site or list of sites that have smuggled in viruses or created other issues with your computer, you can block these sites in your Internet window. It prevents your kids from even visiting the site, let alone downloading anything.
Incorporate a list of allowed sites for your kids.
By doing this, kids can only play games already approved of and installed on your computer by you.
They can then only go to the sites you have determined to be safe, and no others.
Web filtering and activity reports in Windows Parental Controls?

What can I control with Parental Controls?
Setting up Parental Controls

Net Nanny is has excellent feedback gives you content manageability
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
If you change any Family Safety settings, for just one child or for all family members, it's a good idea to refresh the Family Safety Filter to make sure it's using the most current info. The Family Safety Filter refreshes its settings automatically at certain times, but if you notice that web content isn't being filtered the way you would like or if you don’t see activity reported as you expect, you can refresh the Family Safety Filter manually

also besides refresh, in specific, to uncheck, you should have done the below.

1. Sign in to the Family Safety website, tap or click the name of the child whose settings you want to change.
2. Click Web filtering, and then click Restriction level.
3. Make sure that web filtering is turned on. Under File downloads, ensure to check on the Block file downloads from the web check box to disallow your child from downloading apps, games, and other files from the Internet.

In the past there is mention of file corruption of the FS setting as well. To fix this, you need to delete any corrupted files, and re-download your settings from the Family Safety website. See below and you may also run the Family Safety troubleshooter which is also provided in the same thread

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atf3doc --
Or consider using K-9
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
atf3docAuthor Commented:
I will recheck my actions in Family Safety, But I believe that I had done all that you suggested. Thanks
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
noted thanks - maybe try on other PC if available to see if enforcement is ok with those checks when signed in - it should be straightforward though. There is also an online and local account to choose when in setup , the local is tied to the specific local machine only. Also to make sure the "Allow list only" option does not have those supposedly to block website.

To allow or restrict a site, simply enter the address in the field and press the Allow or Block buttons. When entering the address, you can enter the domain ( and every page on that domain will be blocked. If you wish to specific a specific page, then you should enter the entire address and press the desired permission.
For example, if you block then every web page on that domain will be blocked. On the other hand, if you block only web pages under the games folder will be blocked, but the child can access other pages on the domain such as

It is also possible to manage these settings remotely via the This allows you to add restrictions even when you are not home in the event that you find something concerning in a child's activity report. Please note to use the Family Safety web site, you must be using a Microsoft account on your computer rather than a local account.

FYI - Time limits only work on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 PCs. If you use time limits, your time limit will apply to each PC, not to all the PCs together. For example, if you set a time limit of two hours, they can use the first PC for two hours, and then sign in to the second PC and use it for an additional two hours.
atf3doc-- As posted earlier
"Or consider using K-9 "  http:#a40258709
atf3docAuthor Commented:
I will check out K-9/ Thanks
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
other candidate
Qustodio (Blocks every page of harmful websites—not just the homepage - See more at:

OpenDNS Home or Family Shield (free)

Arm Adult Filter (free-comes with three adjustable control lists that include a list that keeps web sites and pages, which cannot bó opened while a child is online.)

NxFilter (an example of blocking facebook for student)
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