Additional name appears under Gmail account - with same email address??

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My boss came to me today and showed me another name attached to her gmail account in her Android phone only. We removed and re-added her gmail account to her cell phone and the unknown name reappeared. The name is different but shows her email account '' under his name too, just as it does under hers. We looked online at and this is not an account she added to hers - she has not added any accounts extra to her gmail. I have been unsuccessful on the help forums on how to see what is going on. I have also been unsuccesful with responses on Gmail's Help forums and I have not been able to reach anyone on the phone to help with Gmail issues.

Screenshot shows the two accounts - her name has been scrubbed but the other account is visible. The two accounts have the exact same gmail address so I have scrubbed that out as well. When her account is removed so is the other, when added it auto-adds the other. How did gain access and how do we remove him? How do we identify what happened and how do we resolve this? Pete Dassler should not be anywhere linked to her account.
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No screenshots  Machienet
You have to ask her if she knows this person, what is the relationship?
>>under his name too, just as it does under hers.<<
Gmail is linked to other services such as Google+.
I understand how frustrating this is as all eggs in one basket
To remove a Google+ contact, open Google+ and remove the person from all circles
Take look here
Connected profiles
You won't be able to edit the data that comes from profiles, and it won’t overwrite any details you've entered yourself. Because these profile details are from the Google profile associated with the contact's email address, changing the address for your contact will remove the profile information from your contact manager.

By default, information that comes from other people’s profiles will appear in a separate section below the information you entered yourself.
You can choose to blend these details together by clicking the view switcher buttons at the top right of the contact entry.
And this one
Editing contacts
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Gmail has same email for the below.
if your name was, you could send mail to or
if there is "dot" in your name was, or
if same username as  and

actually you can easily change the name that is associated with your account, may want to change your boss to give it a try if she deem possible and see any changes.

checking from or render the email valid hence at least not the so called non-existence type. I am wondering if dropping an email to the duplicate email actually will cause your boss to also receive for herself and if possible even has contact with the duplicate email owner (since it is valid email). another mean is checking the email header when there is reply to see the path for anomaly and attempt to spoof  

separately, may consider creating a second Gmail address. User can have a secondary Gmail username. Meaning user's second Gmail username can be anything he/she wish, and at the time of creation there is no need to do anything in terms of linking it with your primary Gmail address. The linking must be done from his/her primary Gmail address. Gmail actually allows users to link up to 10 accounts, and it is possible to be signed in to all of them in different tabs within a browser. This option is automatically enabled for all Gmail users. Hopefully it is also not intentional fault of the duplicate user
My apologies for not having the screen shot upload properly...Here it is:
I believe I found the issue though. I did check all of the above comments prior to posting this question. The issue ended up being that someone had shared their Calendar with my boss, and apparently neither person knew it.

I was able to locate the 'Unsubscribe' option via the Gmail online pages for her for that mailbox and removed it: -> sign in -> select the Apps shortcut -> select 'Calendar' -> Under My Calendars options select 'Settings' -> then select 'Unsubscribe' next to the shared mailbox name.

I identified this by using a secondary gmail account I have and shared my calendar with my primary. It immediately added to my primary Gmail account on my Android. Once I saw this I went into my primary account and located the shared Calendar, then unsubscribed to remove it. THis issue is now resolved and identified.
Thanks for stepping in with suggestions!
btanExec Consultant
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thanks for sharing


As explained in my previous comment, the issue ended up being that someone unknown had accidentally shared their Google Calendar with my boss. Since no notifications are delivered to either the sharer or the recipient neither person knew this had occurred. Bad programming on Google's part in my opinion - people should be notified and asked to confirm they want to share or be shared with. As soon as I located the Unsubscribe button on my boss's Gmail Calendar account settings web page, the Calendar was removed from the Android device within seconds.
Thanks again all!

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