MacBook Pro Balck screen with white cursor

MacBook Pro  does not boot up.

Have tried the Command +R  to get into the utility screen but only get  black screen with the moving white cursor as seen from the attached video.

i get the grey/brown screen as if going into the utility screen for  a split second then immediately black screen.
Is this a Graphics card issue or hard drive or motherboard?

Thanks in advance

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Try this:

1. Shut the computer down by holding the power button for 10 seconds
2. Restart the computer and press shift at the same time until you see the progress bar start moving
3. Once you reach the point where your screen goes dark and you see the cursor, type the first letter of the username for your computer, then hit Enter, then type your password, then hit Enter.
4. After a moment, you should see the spinning beach ball
5. Your screen should then move on to something along the lines of "Completing OSX Installation" . Let it finish. After that it should go to your normal desktop and the issue should be fixed. (If your screen goes pitch black during this process, hit the space bar.

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Justin Pierce, CEH, CNDANASA Cybersecurity EngineerCommented:
Hi icdl101,

Please try an SMC reset by doing these steps:
(1) Turn off your MacBook Pro
(2) Hold "Shift" "Option" and "Command" keys all at the same time
(3) While holding all 3 keys above, press and hold the power button for 10 secs (this means you will be holding down all 3 keys and the Power button at the same time for 10 seconds)

If the SMC reset doesn't help then try performing a PRAM reset:
(1) Turn off MacBook Pro
(2) Turn power on
(3) Before you hear the Chime sound as your MacBook Pro is starting up, hold down "Option" "Command" "P" and "R" keys and continue to hold them until you see your MacBook Pro restart and hear it chime two times. To clarify, you want to hold down all 4 keys and keep holding them until your MacBook chimes once, restarts, and chimes again. Then you can let go of all the keys letting your MacBook Pro reach the login screen.

If SMC & PRAM aren't helping you can go into SafeBoot by:
(1) Turning off your MacBook Pro
(2) Turning it on and then hold the "Shift" key till you see the Apple logo with a loading bar beneath it

You should be able to reach the login screen with the words "Safe Boot" in red, displaying in the upper right-hand corner. (Safe Boot is very limited so just see if you can log into the account and then restart your MacBook Pro)

If you are still having trouble please post this information here:

(1) Version of your OS
(2) Year of MacBook Pro

Hope this helps

icdl101Author Commented:
Thank you  strung.

Your instructions and descriptions were bang on...

I was just helping a friend out and they will be extremely elated to have it up and running.
Thanks again
icdl101Author Commented:
Thank you Justin Pierce for taking out some of your valuable time to respond and assist. I do appreciate the effort involved even though i was not able to use your suggestions this time.
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