Ideas for mailboxes in Outlook

Hi Guys,

We have one user who has 3 x mailboxes on Exchange.  The 3 x mailboxes were part of one profile in Outlook, but the user complained that messages were getting lost between the mailboxes.  Apparently messages being deleted, without user intervention (sent items).

We then split the 3 x mailboxes into 3 x separate profiles, but the user is frustrated having to switch between the profiles constantly ...  Having to copy messages / addresses between profiles.

Any ideas perhaps?
Rupert EghardtProgrammerAsked:
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What is it your are trying to achieve with the 3 mailboxes?  If you were using the 3 mailboxes in Outlook under the one user then I would suspect you have to send and receive as each mailbox identity?  If this is the case your first scenario is the best option.  Messages don't usually randomly disappear of delete themselves.  It sound like your user just needs how to operate within the confines of the setup.

There are other option if you do not need full send and receive per account.  Let us know.
Rupert EghardtProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Stu29,

The three mailboxes are for 3 x different job-categories.

Unfortunately the user requires "send and receive" functionality per account.

I agree with messages don't usually disappear randomly, was hoping for a suggestion that I may not have considered;
Maybe also think about forwarding the emails to the main account via delivery options in EMC, then assigning send as permissions for the main account on the other accounts and exposing the From line in outlook.  This was the email will come in to one account, from separate to addresses, and also be send from each account as needed.
Rupert EghardtProgrammerAuthor Commented:
The user prefer to keep the mail in separate mailboxes, each with its own set of folders.
The current profile (3 x mailboxes) are over 19 Gb in size.  I believe this could pose its own problems.
The other problem we experience with reducing the size, is that the mailboxes won't archive successfully,
It will start the archive process and stop abruptly.

Is there a way to force archiving?
You are archiving to the online Archive in Exchange?  The run the Start-ManagedFolderAssistant

If there are failures they should show in your logs as to why they quit.

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