sbs 2003 to exchange 2010

I am in the process of migrating an organization from SBS2003 to a new network environment (same domain) with 2 servers Windows Server 2012 (DC, file, print) and a Windows Server 2012 with Exchange Server 2010 installed.
I have a VMware Test network setup so that I can run through the process before doing anything on my Live network.
I had some struggles at first, but have accomplished quite a bit. The new Server 2012 DC is in place and the file shares and printing have been migrated over from the old sbs 2003 server.
The only thing left is to move Exchange to the new 2012/exch2010 server and then transfer the AD roles to the new windows server 2012 DC.
My issue right now is that I have Exchange 2010 SP3 installed on the Windows Server 2012 Exchange Server, the installation completed successfully after a few roadblocks with installing features, upgrading the schema etc...
My question now is- what do I need to accomplish  in regards to Post installation Tasks, which is what comes up when the installation is finished? When I go to the exchange management console I can see the mailboxes that are presently housed on the sbs2003 server, so I know that 2010 Is talking to the 2003 exchange server. In the document is talks about setting up connectors, etc... I am wondering if all of that stuff replicates over from the sbs2003 exchange environment or do I have to setup some things manually before I can move the mailboxes from 2003 to 2010
My goal is to get the exchange mailboxes moved over to the new server, I also have to purchase a SAN SSL Certificate so I
can get Active Sync and OWA working for mobile phones.
The drawback to the vmtest environment is that I do not have access to the internet, hopefully that will not be an issue, but I really can't test sending and receiving emails, etc... until I have it setup in the Live environment.
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williamstechnologygroupAuthor Commented:
I've also been following this article, but it does not give great detail on any adjustments in exchange 2010- just says to move the mailboxes...
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Post installation tasks I pretty much ignore.
Put your SSL certificate in place and update the URLs to match.

Then replicate the public folders from the old server to the new one. That has to be done. You cannot consider removing Public Folders until you have removed Exchange 2003.

Once Public Folders have replicated, then move the mailboxes.
Finally, follow the documented steps on TechNet and others on removing Exchange 2003.


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williamstechnologygroupAuthor Commented:
I appreciate your input, but I keep digging and finding additional steps....
I went through an exchange server deployment assistant and it said that I have to configure a send connector on the exchange 2010 server in order to move outbound internet mail flow from exchange 2003 to exchange 2010
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
That would be covered in the documentation for removing the last Exchange server as well.

williamstechnologygroupAuthor Commented:
I am in the process of reviewing all of my documentation, KB articles, etc. I am a bit disappointed that I have not received more input from others. I will attempt to simulate everything the best I can but feel like I am still a bit in the dark...
I will update this post after my full simulation is complete.
williamstechnologygroupAuthor Commented:
Just an update, I am almost done with the project. I found a Microsoft TechNet Exchange conversion white paper/online questionnaire. It basically mapped out the steps. Thanks...
williamstechnologygroupAuthor Commented:
was able to find the documentation I needed. Thanks for the input it was helpful, but I wish there was more participation. Not sure if I am getting my money's worth on this site anymore....
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