WLC Interface Groups


I created a interface group on my WLC which contains two dynamic interfaces.
My interface group is assigned to WLAN.

My problem is clients gets IP address of my native vlan id (Flex Connect)
When I go to my AP tab Flex Connect and check the vlan mappings it maps the SSID to my native vlan.
When I map a WLAN to interface only it works and shows the correct vlan mappings with SSID on vlan mapping tab under Flex Connect.

Please advise what I'm doing correct.
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Craig BeckCommented:
If I'm understanding what you've done correctly, you can't do what you think you want to do.

FlexConnect is configured for local (at the site's switch) switching, not central (via the WLC).  Therefore the interface you connect to the WLAN which resides at the WLC doesn't actually get used - the site-local VLAN gets used instead.
ciscosuppAuthor Commented:
What I want to do is basically have 2 or more vlans/dynamic interfaces assigned to one SSID.
With interface groups it should be possible.
Craig BeckCommented:
Yes, but only if you use FlexConnect with central switching.
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ciscosuppAuthor Commented:
okay where do i enable central switching
Craig BeckCommented:
In the WLAN's Advanced tab there is a FlexConnect Local Switching tick-box.  Untick it.

If you do that though all traffic will go through the WLC for that WLAN.
ciscosuppAuthor Commented:
so basically when you want to make use of interface groups (2 or more dynamic interfaces  are assigned to a single ssid)  you cannot use local switching on that specific WLAN only central switching.

Is this correct.
Craig BeckCommented:
Yes, that is correct.

With local switching you can attach any interface to the WLAN and the WLC won't care.  What matters is the VLANs you add to the AP.  We create dummy interfaces and attach them to WLANs (because we have to attach to an interface and we don't want to leave it set to management) to make sure that traffic doesn't get to undesired networks if local switching reverts to central for some reason.

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