Windows File Explorer is hesitating and stopping when files are being browsed

When scrolling down the list of files the system stops, hesitates and slows down.  So when trying to type in the characters of the name of the file I get to the first to and then the system beeps like I have done something wrong but in fact it just stopped looking for the buffered characters that I had typed.  I have scanned for viruses and found none.   The profile was just created last week.    What could the issue be?   The user is ready to go back to his XP machine.
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Try stopping the Windows Search Indexer.  
windows + r
type: services.msc and press enter.

Locate the Windows Search Service and Right-click and Stop.  If that works they just disable the service "Startup Type:"
If this is recent, run a System Restore to a time before it started.
Run antivirus and antimalware scans.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If indexing is complete, it does not affect Internet Explorer browsing. If incomplete, it could as noted above. Anti Virus updating can cause this, and disk defragging (if enabled) can cause this.

Also go to IE, Tools, Internet Options, Advanced and turn off Smooth Scrolling to see if that helps.
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