Youtube video error

We are a small company with 3 offices. Within the last few months some of our users are having issues accessing some streaming content. The main issue we have found is with youtube. Sometimes we will see the advertisement but the video following is giving an error “An error occurred, please try again later”. We have noticed that the same video will play on some computer in the same building but not others. All computers are running Windows 7 Pro 64bit, Internet Explorer10 or 11, Trend Micro Worry Free Business, and the newest versions of both Java & Flash.

Troubleshooting steps taken:

*Added * to trusted sites
*Added to internet explorer compatibility mode
*Removed Temporary Internet Files/Cookies
*Reinstalled Java & Flash
*Turned off and on “Java Script”
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“An error occurred, please try again later”. is often caused by the shockwave player, disable it from the add ons in Internet explorer
here's a quick YT video to how to
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
Still no luck, we get the same black screen, this will display for an extend amount of time than an error will show that “An error occurred, please try again later".
Is this only internet explorer dlmyersdta
Have you tried in Chrome, good idea to have several browsers.
Chrome is the most reliable and I use it as my default. Most youtbe are now in html5.
Things to try and is required
Please update the drivers for the display adapter, video card from the manufacturer site only not windows updates
Nvidia, DEL, HP. ATI etc.
That is another possible cause. It's paramount these days that our Video drivers display adapters  are up to date or windows moviemaker will nolonger open, youtube may not play, even though it is flash it's still video.
Try this as well rightclick the YT screen /settings> and disable hardware acceleration
disable hardware acceleration
disable hardware accelerationIn IE browser go to tools>internet options>advanced and disable untick accelerated graphics
remember to refresh browser for each one
untick-accelerated-graphics.JPGReset settings internet explorer
Could you check to see if you have the following Windows update installed?
KB2670838 – Platform Update for Windows 7 x64<< please uninstall it and reboot.
Back to you, please post your progress.
Good Luck
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dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
We have found the same issue in FireFox will test chrome.
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
KB2670838 did not help with this issue.
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
Accelerated graphics, Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering is already unchecked.
The thing is no two computers that have this problem seem to be the same.
These are windows 7 with service pack one?
Microsoft is forcing everyone to have the latest drivers the latest browsers version.
I also have silverlight installed on my windows 7 x 32 SP 1
You missed one>
Check your display adapter drivers are up to date. ATI Nvidia  Intel , this coul dbe the one that points to all browsers as the core problem.
The newer versions of our web browsers are using is html5
Try replacing the http:// with https://
Please close and re-open the browser
Uninstall Adobe Flash and re-install the latest
Check your windows flash is up to date control panel all control panel items> flash>advanced>check now.
If you go to do you see the spinning flash logo or your installed flash version information?
current flashDo you have audio and no video?
Any codecs installed?
Please post a link to a youtube video that gives a black screen.
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
Google Chrome worked with out any issues.
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
Answer to Questions:

Do you have audio and no video?                                                                              No, only a black screen with the error
 Any codecs installed?                                                                                                   No,
 Rebooted?                                                                                                                      Yes, and this issue is having on more than 5 computers (reported) in 3 states. We are starting to think it may be  a windows updates. Each location has its own internet provider such as AT&T, Comcast, TimeWarner. The only thing we can find in common is the WSUS server. Reviewing updates at this time with no luck.
 Please post a link to a youtube video that gives a black screen.                        It's not just one video we can not play any, during testing we just click a couple random videos after updates/changes to the PC's.
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
Silverlight is out of date will update that now and post an update:

Upgrade Microsoft Silverlight
for a better Web experience

Installed version: Silverlight 5 (5.1.30214.0)
Current version: Silverlight 5 (5.1.30514.0)
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
Updated siverlight to the newest still same issue.
Yes I agree, but which update there has been few..
WU only applies to hardware on your system not Adobe Flash, Adobe Flash updates on it's own outside of WU.
The fact you have WU deployed? WSUS server?
Could it have updated IE x64 and these users should be using x 32 bit otherwise if they use IE x64 use it in compatibility mode.
How to Turn Internet Explorer
Compatibility View On or Off for a Website 
Interestingly this morning when I booted up the other computer here,, It threw this error and I immediately thought of you and could this be related to you, is there conflict between x32 and x64 bit flash player
I am on a windows 7 x 32 the other two here are windows 7 x64
you have to use the 32bit plugin, which means you must use the 32bit browser.
So under  Win7 x64, you will have to use the 32bit version of IE with the 32 bit flash.
Theres a 32bit version of internet explorer included on the windows7 install that should let you install flash player
 Install a different version of Adobe flash
Now how does one uninstall x 64 bit Adobe flash, I didn't think there was a x64 bit version, so will research it and get back to you.
This error is on a windows 7 x64 with SP 1
Adobe warning
To find a common denominator between your computers WU seems to be a good area
When Microsoft updated windows live essentials on my system I could nolonger open WMM and some other things and had to update my drivers.
But I have not experienced any problems with the internet video and I have all updates.
I did see this yesterday in my email newsletters
Microsoft today re-released the updates for security bulletin MS14-045. This update had been released on the August Patch Tuesday, August 12, but withdrawn later in the week after user reports of blue screen crashes and disabled systems.
The security bulletin says that "Microsoft strongly recommends that customers who have not uninstalled the 2982791 update [i.e., the old version, released on Patch Tuesday] do so prior to applying the 2993651 update [the new version]." This recommendation applies to users whether they are having problems with the old update or not.
Note that Windows Update and Automatic Updates do not remove the old version.

How To Fix Problems Caused by Windows Updates

Try a system restore? is that possible?
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
I have removed the updates that applied before the issue occurred. We are still facing the same issues.

All computers are running Windows 7 64Bit SP1
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
I found YouTube post on Google Forms that talk about this issue.!topic/youtube/axsb7XPieK0%5B1-25-false%5D
Interesting but no real solution I guess it's easier to blame Youtube,
so far I have never seen this error dlmyersdta
I'm in Australia and using Chrome, but any youtube including full length movies which I watch a lot always play straight through no buffering, I'm running windows 7 x 32 bit sp1.
Could be related to active x controls, we used to see a yellow bar asking us to allow them

Any chance you have tested Vimeo?
So I can understand, is your office just opening youtube public page?
Not actually from a youtube account.
My line of thinking is when I open a Youtube search page I am automatically logged in and there is only one add.
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:    -    Worked great,                                                 -    Worked great,  -     Failed

We have tested both we have gone to the basic site just clicked on any video with no luck. To test we have login with our accounts and went the same video still same error.
So you get a black screen on Jimmy Fallen, and no Audio as well?
with internet explorer 11?
In Internet explorer have you tried compatibility mode
tools/compatibility>view settings and add youtube.

  To summarise>and when there is a black screen you also can't get any info if you right click the screen?
There you can get stats for nerds, about html 5 player
Vimeo statsYTB
chromeinternet explorerThe difference between Vimeo and YTB is how they have embedded their the player.
But both Vimeo and YTB are using HTML5 players now so I believe it is down to Microsoft windows updates and drivers.
Vimeo has updated their player

Internet explorer owned by Microsoft requires that we have up to date video drivers/audio drivers
In device manager open the display adapter>video card>properties> drivers>year do the same with audio under Sound Video Game Controllers
From the manufacturer site only update drivers
Nvidia  ATA Intel

No codecs installed?
Codecs are required to aid our video card with playing video compression
I recommend K-lite
As there is 4 variants for the K-lite I recommend you install the full pack,
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
An error occurred, please try again later. Learn MoreStats for Nerds
Reading through it I can see there is a problem with the video and audio and dropped frames.
Have you reinstalled the drivers for video and audio?
Is the direct draw enabled in your display
Go to start orb, open run and type in dxdiag press enter
put it on display
dxdiagDirectDraw or Direct3D option is unavailable

Here's another same similar to yours..
When I try to watch a Youtube video I get the error "An error occurred. Please try again" and the screen goes black. There is no sound.
From Adobe- same similar
"An error occurred, please try again later". Youtube with IE

Check if your video drivers and audio drivers were updated by Microsoft if so roll them back to default manufacturer please update me with your process
I know there has been some windows updates for internet explorer.
and may have also caused problems with some folks and stopped youtube from playing video.
As suggested in the above uninstalling updates going back to June solved it for them.
But why would they effect you and not mine.
I find when windows updates our software we also have to update the drivers for video and audio.
You could consider a system restore to before this started to happen.

Install the k-lite pack . if you you don't want to do that there is two codecs that are important for video and audio, they run in thebackground when playing videos and aids the video card to render
and the ac3 filter
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
Video and sound drivers were last updated in 2011. For testing I installed the newest yesterday.
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for your efforts dlmyersdta
Youtube video are played in a html 5 video player, Internet explorer should be the latest version.
Video drivers should be at least 2013
Shockwave installed? and the latest version
Test Adobe Shockwave Player

Video player error message
If you’re getting a player error message, most of the time, the video should start working again in about 30 minutes.
This error can sometimes happen if the uploader is making changes to the video, there’s an issue with your Internet connection speed, or the video is being removed or having other issues.
How do I fix almost all Shockwave and Flash Player issues?
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
We have found that if we go to this is when we have the issues. If we take the same video remove the "S" so that we are going to only 99.9% of videos work with out any issues are play quickly.
Well I never..If and when I suggest removing that security S html in other questions here with YTD not playing  it doesn't solve it so didn't offer it this time. lol now it solves it.
Excellent dlmyersdta I was about to give up on it.
Try deleting the cookies
Pretty simple ;)
If I check this security
YT security
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
All videos have started working for us, thank you.

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And thankyou  for finding the solution it was so simple.
please close your question now by accepting your own comment.
http:#a40323068 as the solution.
 I'm certain this answer will help others .
As you can see it was  an endless try this.
dlmyersdtaAuthor Commented:
We found the fix to this to be an issue with YouTube and the SSL connection. By removing the "S" from on any video that would not work resolved the issues.
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