Unable to identify missing 20 GB of data


We got 2008 server running with 68GB D drive (Raid 1 with 72 GB & 142 GB) HDD's in PROLIANT DL 380 G5

Drive details:

Page file configured with 24 GB

Program files \ <Application> occupying 20 GB

apart from above we are unable to identify which folder is consuming remaining disk space

Tried using a tool called space monger(No luck) .Also tried with local admin account (Still No luck)

Ran Chkdisk in read only mode.Could message " Error Found run check disk in fix mode"

Please suggest is this is because of disk errors .
What tools can be used further and what else can be checked

Note : Checked with HP support  regarding array configuration and been told that shouldn't be a concern.

Sarat chsystem adminAsked:
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Raymond PengSystems EngineerCommented:
You can try TreeSize and run it as administrator.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
WinDirStat may be able to offer some insight.

That said, there are places in the Windows folder where the OS stashes stuff.  Ditto in the user profile areas.
Windirstat is a great utility though unfortunately it ignores folders you don't have access to.  Most likely some other admin has created a folder and given specific individual access to it.  Space sniffer (http://www.uderzo.it/main_products/space_sniffer/) will identify folders you can't access as big black boxes and then you can amend the permissions directly.  Also, if chkdsk is reporting errors get them fixed sooner rather than later (though I doubt that's the cause of missing 20 GB).
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I use JDiskReport, as it's free please give it a try.
JDiskReport requires Java  first so if it is not installed, install first
Untick these ASK ..
Then it opens to a new page agree to check it is installed, if it is greyed out look at the top of the browser and grant permission to check.
Then install JDiskReport
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Page file configured with 24 GB
Program files \ <Application> occupying 20 GB

that totals 44gb leaving a difference of about 24gb
did you look at the size of the windows folder?  that is probably the difference
Yes there is also system restore and Temp folders. Recent Folders / recycle bin/ emails store folder.
I'd encourage running the disc cleanup tool and see what it finds in windows thumbnails windows updates all these folders.

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Sarat chsystem adminAuthor Commented:
Hi All,

Thanks for your suggestions

Will give it a try and update
Sorry I posted the homepage for JGoodies
here's the JDiskReport
jdisk report view optionsjdisk report
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
You can get windirstat ( https://windirstat.info/ ) to show everything You just need to make sure you run it with administrator (ie elevated) privileges
Sarat chsystem adminAuthor Commented:
Suggested to run Chkdsk with switch /f and waiting for approval to run the same .

Also trying to enable diskcleanup and check for other possibilities
Very good let us know your progress.
Sarat chsystem adminAuthor Commented:
Approval not granted for running CHKDSK as the server happens to be running critical business applications . However after restarting server after monthly patch activity we could able to reclaim the missing GB of data. And from last week its been stable

As it was application server, there were many Schedule jobs configured to compress logs.

Could try all the recommended tools. But then tried with local admin credentials

Thanks to all for your valuable inputs
Sarat chsystem adminAuthor Commented:
As it was close to solution.
Thank you!!
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