Folder Permissions - Inheritance

I have a top level folder (X drive)  that has three groups and no inheritance.

Under X:  is about 20 more folders with several deep.

I want to add a new group to X top level and have RWM rights throughout all folders (X Drive All Access)
The everyone (list) is also at the top level (X)

When I added my new group to X it was added to only a few folders/subfolders on the next level down.
I went to advanced and change...  I see I can push inheritance,  it looks like it might push all groups.
(Or will it just push the my new group if highlighted?)

To play it safe I am adding the new group on all the subfolders 1 layer under the drive root.

Basically I only want my new group that has read, write, modify to be forced down the other folders without adding other groups at the top level like the everyone (list).
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Tim EdwardsIT Team Lead - Unified Communications & CollaborationCommented:
If you add the group add the top level, and go down one level (folder) to advance and include inheritance from the top it will grab all permissions (users and groups) from the top level and apply them to the folder that you set to inlcude inheritance on, subsequently if all sub folders are inheriting it will now it will have the same permissions that were copied
PostQAuthor Commented:
I think I did  the right thing by just going to about 30 folders below and adding the group.

I did not want some groups/permissions like the Everyone/List to trickle down into legal folders, etc...  I don't even want others listing the folder contents.

Even user folders are usually permissions for the user, supervisor/group, backup software , and "Everyone" removed.
PostQAuthor Commented:
I was hoping from the top level I could just add the new group, go into advanced  and change permission.  
The replace all child permissions.  But I only wanted my new group to be applied.2014-08-12-1541EE.png
Tim EdwardsIT Team Lead - Unified Communications & CollaborationCommented:
You are doing it the right way, by doing the replace it will just force the inheritance down on all subfolders and files below the folder that you do it on, just the opposite of including inheritance

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