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I have a website that has SQL Server Db as back end. I found that the CPU usage was more than normal. I found a SQL code to show most CPU consuming query I fixed some of them and it return noticeable amount of CPU Usage.

The only SQL code that I dont know how to get it optimized to not use too much CPU redources is this one:

SELECT top 5 [ID], [Title], [Details],[IPhoto] FROM [qryWords] WHERE lang=1 and id<> 59476  and [Title] like N'%no%' order by id desc

Note: qryWord is a view and the SQL code is as following:

SELECT        word, ID, Title, Details, Visible, Lang, IPhoto
FROM            dbo.tblBabeteLekchwekan
WHERE        (Visible = 1) AND (Lang = 1)

Do you have any Idea how can I tune this query to use as low as CPU resources?
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Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
'%no%' filter condition seems to be the reason.  I know its always possible to avoid those sorts of searches, is highly recommended. Your option to speed up this operation will be the full text indexing.
also you don't really need lang=1 in your where condition because its already on the view .

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David ToddSenior DBACommented:

>>  id<> 59476  
This search argument is non-sargable.

<> is sargable, but not likely to improve performance

so the most likely performance culprit is: [Title] like N'%no%'
which is probably causing a table scan

by the way. top 5 isn't helping either because it adds the need to order, and with '%no%' probably matching many more than 5 results all records are scanned to evaluate the filter then all matches sorted by id then just 5 of those returned.
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