create uri to file in current working directory

I’m trying to write a c# program using EPPlus ( that generates an Excel worksheet with thumbnails of images and links to the full-sized image.  The images reside in the same folder as the executable and the resulting spreadsheet. It is all working OK with the following:
int a = 1;
Image fullSize = Image.FromFile(@"Screenshot.jpg");
Image.GetThumbnailImageAbort myCallback = new
Image thumb = fullSize.GetThumbnailImage(100, 71, myCallback, IntPtr.Zero);

var picture = worksheet.Drawings.AddPicture(a.ToString(), thumb);
picture.SetPosition(a-1 , 0, 6-1, 0);

worksheet.Cells[a, 6].Hyperlink = new Uri("file://c:/Screenshot.jpg");

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What I want to do is make the whole thing location independent. As it is, the paths to the full-size jpgs are hard-coded. I would like them to be located wherever the current working folder is.

I have tried all sorts of things, and so far have been unable to get the .net Uri format to agree with Excel.

I did some digging and generated a sample spreadsheet in Excel and added a uri to a cell pointing to a jpg in the current folder. I then opened the .xls file with 7-zip (who knew you could do this?) and saw this snippet in sheet1.xml:
<hyperlinks><hyperlink ref="F2" r:id="rId1"/></hyperlinks>

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In sheet1.xml.rels, I found this:
<Relationship Id="rId1" Type="" Target="Screenshot3.jpg" TargetMode="External"/>

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Moving the xls file to the desktop and opening it with Excel and clicking the hyperlink produces a “cannot open the specified file” error. Moving the jpg file to the desktop and then clicking the hyperlink works fine.

So, it appears that Excel’s file format allows for hyperlinks to a relative uri. The question is, how do I generate such a uri and hyperlink programmatically?

I'm stuck at something that really ought to be easy. The hacker in me says I should just script up something that disassembles the .xlsx file (I had no idea until today that you could do that with 7-zip), make the necessary changes and then zip it back up. But that's absolutely nuts, I think.

There's GOT to be a better way,
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1_21gigawattsAuthor Commented:
causes this error:
  Invalid URI: A Dos path must be rooted, for example, 'c:\'.


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