Deskphone less office - what different technologies are available?

Requesting expert opinion this? An office(about ten thousand sq. ft. area) with 60+ users - don't want to use traditional desk phones. Just checking what technologies are out there.

Will this be a good idea to run the office only on user's cell phones( mostly iPhones)? Mainly want to make sure, users will not experience drop calls, busy network signals etc. because of density.

Also, any particular headset would you recommend for this scenario? Something like user can dock their iPhone at their  desk and can use a headset that can switch between cell phone and laptop.

Any ideas/recommendations will be highly appreciated.
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This is quite the question.

I think it heavily depends on what you would like to do. Microsoft has Lync (not quite sure if you know the tool) it's the professional Skype/Messenger tool that let's you do conference calls and chat sessions and it also shows presence (if you are available). Having 1 headset for laptop and IPhone isn;t quite feasible i think (yet again, what would you like to do).

If going for a headset i would go for any kind of USB headset (Preferably not wireless, could be cool though with 60+ people :)) of either Plantronics or Logitech, they are quite good.

But all in all it's a question of preference.

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i would certainly not choose wireless - since it may stop working anytime, because of low signal strength, moving persons, etc...
so - i suggest to have everything wired !
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