Google mail CC me on everything i send, can not figure out why

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Every mail I send from GMAIL winds up getting sent, and then also it appears in my in box. It almost seems like I am CC myself when I send mail.   could this be?  can I stop it ?
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Check if you have any rules / labels that could be affecting you.  Is this happening for all new emails you compose or are you hitting Reply All / replying to a conversation where you are also in it?

If it happens with new composed mail, there is perhaps some plugin / gmail function / labs that's doing this.  You can try resetting them all to NONE and try again.  Also check for keyboard shortcuts you might be using.

Does it matter what browser you're using?


I am going crazy...
it started when my tech set my outlook to keep the PST  ( or something like that. )
not sure why that would have mad a difference...

the "cc" to me is irregardless of the browser  , and also when using outlook to send things.

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