XenApp 6.5 Server won't rejoin farm.

I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine on which I built my "Gold Image" for provisioning.  I created the VDisk with the help of our contracted Citrix support rep.  First provisioned server off the new image worked well and joined the farm, as the second and third.  

Something happened with the fourth.  It was conflicting with the machine name of the Gold Image server.  I not sure what the support rep did, but the machine names of the Gold Image server and the fourth provisioned server were somehow swapped.  

I removed the fourth server from the farm, as well as the Gold Image server.  After getting the machine name thing sorted out, I tried joining the Gold Image server back to the farm.  It goes through all the motions like its joined, but the IMA services doesn't start.

How can I get my Gold Image server to join the farm again?  I want to be able to make another VDisk from it.
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So let me get this straight before i get into more detail. The original machine name of the golden machine with which you create the VDISK with is swapped and has a different name?? Normally when you seal your vdisk you need to run the XenApp server role manager and while sealing tell it to leave the farm. This way the server will be removed from the farm in a correct way.

id you remove the machine manually from the farm? If so the golden image server still thinks it's within the farm while your farm says it's not in the farm anymore. To be honest i'm not quite sure if you get actually get this fixed again.

Also, there is no need to use just 1 machine for updateing vdisk. Just maken sure to have a new vdisk, set it up to private mode, start a server up with this writable vdisk, change your settings, run the XenApp server role manager (remove server from farm) and then try to add this vdisk to another machine and see what happens there.

Naming and ip addressing to the server is done through the PVS console. So no need for making an image with a specified server here.
DWStovallAuthor Commented:
How can I get a good working copy of my gold image?  I need to make some changes that I can't make in "maintenance" mode.
Normally the vdisk is created with 3 files <vdiskname>.lok, <vdiskname>.pvp and <vdiskname>.vhd. If you simply copy the .pvp and .vhd files and rename them you can import them into the provisioning console.
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Dirk KotteSECommented:
if the IMA service don't start, try "dsmaint recreatelhc".
DWStovallAuthor Commented:
I learned the answer after calling Citrix.

I had tried all the steps published in the all the blogs discussing "rejoining the farm" and "IMA service won't start" - none of the processes helped.  I went though the steps to "properly" remove and rejoin the server to the farm, and it always went through the steps perfectly, indicating "success" as each step.

A Citrix engineer's supervisor recommended the following:
- Open the Citrix XenApp Server Role Manager.
- Under Server Configuration Task -> Configured, click "Edit Configuration"
- Select "Prepare this server for imaging and provisioning"
- Select "Clear database location settings from this server.

That was the key (clearing the database locations settings) - we finished the process, rebooted, and the server joined the farm instantly.

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I really thought i put that in my first comment tbh.
But good to hear you solved the issue :)
DWStovallAuthor Commented:
Although I appreciate the comments from others, they did not assist in the solution.  I had to contact Citrix to resolve the issue, and even then, it took getting several Citrix support folks on the line to resolve the problem.
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