SQL Server 2012/2008: handling errors from nested stored procedures


I have stored procedure usp_Main that calls multiple nested sprocs. I wrote 'try catch' in the usp_Main and all I want is to know which nested sproc generated error. Can I accomplish this without adding 'try catch' to every nested sproc?

Thank you in advance.
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HuaMin ChenProblem resolverCommented:
You can have try..catch within nested procedure, and try to return relevant error from nested procedure. Then you will know which error it is.

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David ToddSenior DBACommented:

Note from the following
I'm logging the error procedure name, but also the name of the procedure where I caught the error. So initially I simply have to code one catch block for the top procedure.  
By using a standard variable name with the name of the procedure, the catch block can almost be entirely the same from procedure to procedure.
I also include a note string in case I want to tag the catch location inside a procedure.


Here are some code snippets:

create procedure dbo.YourProcedureNameHere
	@Results int output
	, @Debug int = 0
	set nocount on
	declare @ProcedureName sysname
	set @ProcedureName = 'dbo.YourProcedureNameHere'

	begin catch
		execute dbo.spGen_LogCatchSQLError
			@CallingProcedureName = @ProcedureName
			, @CallingLocationNote = '' 

		-- Dummy line for Template
		--print ''
	end catch

create procedure dbo.spGen_LogCatchSQLError
	@CallingProcedureName sysname
	, @CallingLocationNote sysname 
	set nocount on

	--Stored procedure code here
	declare @ProcedureName sysname
	set @ProcedureName = ''

	begin try
		-- Dummy line for Template
		print ''
		--Stored procedure code here
		insert dbo.GenericError( 
			, CallingProcedureName
			, CallingLocationNote
			, error_number
			, error_severity
			, error_state
			, error_procedure
			, error_line
			, error_message
				, @CallingProcedureName
				, @CallingLocationNote
				, error_number()
				, error_severity()
				, error_state()
				, error_procedure()
				, error_line()
				, error_message()
	end try
	begin catch
		execute ErrorTrapping.dbo.spGen_LogCatchSQLError
			@CallingProcedureName = @ProcedureName
			, @CallingLocationNote = '' 
	end catch

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