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How to kick off replication on a different 2012 SQL Server

I have two SQL Servers:
1) DBProduction (SQL Server 2008)
2) DBWarehouse (SQL Server 2012)

On DBProduction I have snapshot replication set up as well as a push subscription which replicates the snapshot from DBProduction to DBWarehouse.

I have a job JOB_Process running on DBWarehouse 2012 which updates a number of tables in DBProduction.  What I would like to do is add a final step to JOB_Process which would kick off a new snapshot on DBProduction followed by having the push replication subscription ran.
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Thanks David.

The problem is these jobs are on another server.  Is there a way for me to kick a job off on a remote server?

If you look at that link there the server as a parameter.

Alternatively, use the four part name convention across a linked server
eg Servername.databasename.dbo.sp_StartJob

The procedure may be in msdb or master databases.

Thanks David.   I did look at the link and completely missed the server parameter.  Cheers for the help!