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Hi Experts,
Couple of questions I hope you can assist me with,
(1) does one get any offline installers for Adobe Flash Player 14.0.xx?
(2) we have a user that wants to upgrade his version of Adobe Flash Player, still trying to work out why he needs to, however due to software restrictions in place in our organization, his not allowed to download and run the installer via the web (Adobe site). We have version Adobe Flash Player 11.0.xx in our SOE for desktops, what are the caveats of just upgrading Flash player without any proper testing for his other business web based applications?
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rhandelsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a link to teh offline installer of Adobe Flash. Just download the MSI client you need.

Also,  updating to a new version isn't the biggest issue you can have with Flash but normally updates have new features and security settings that might cause other websites to not work. It is up to him what he wants to do and if he wants to update.
tailoreddigitalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can also grab a copy of the Flash Player Uninstaller in case you have any issues with 14.   It's a clean way to remove Flash Player to revert to an older version.
craigleenzAuthor Commented:
thanks, exactly what I was after
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