Users unable to delete files from their own desktop in RDS 2012

Hi there

We have an RDS environment running entirely on 2012 R2 session host servers.  User profile disks are in use to store user settings, desktops etc.

Users, obviously, do not have administrative permissions on the server.  We are currently experiencing an issue where users are unable to delete anything on their own desktops - even though they have full permission to it.  Creating a file there works fine, and the correct permissions are granted - system full control, Administrators full control, and the user full control - inherited from c:\users\<user>\desktop which maps from their UPD.

However when they try and delete a file they've just created, they get a UAC prompt, and are then denied access when they enter their own details.  Administrators on the server do not have this problem when trying to delete their own files.

Wyse TCX is running on this server, but don't think it will be a culprit.  Any ideas as to what the issue may be?


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I have seen this issue once with permissions we've created on a directory were users had their profile stored. Eventually the issue was that the Domain users group (or whatever group you need) needed to have list access from top to bottom to be able to change these files (in our case eventually being the D drive itself).

You could also try and redirect the desktop, might that be an option??
chris3879Author Commented:
Just to feed back on this issue, it was actually caused by a rogue recycle bin in the default user profile disk template VMDK.

This created a recycle bin in the root of the user's profile disk, which had funny permissions, and wouldn't let the user themselves create anything within it (as only Administrators had write) - so deletions wouldn't work.  Shift+del worked, which is what pointed us at the bin itself.

I mounted the VMDK template, deleted the recycle bin from within the root of it, and created a new user.  Logged on, and it created the recycle bin with the correct permissions, and all was fine.  Existing users I had to mount their UPD manually, delete the same folder, and then get them to log on again, and it fixed it from their profiles too.

A tiny cause of a big problem - so hope this helps someone!



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Awesome! Thanks for posting the solution. I had the same exact issue and your solution fixed the problem.
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chris3879Author Commented:
Great! Glad posting the solution helped.


chris3879Author Commented:
Troubleshot and solved the issue
which folder had to be deleted to correct the issue?
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