Need URLs for device drivers for lg blu ray dvd burner WH14NS40


I am using a LG Blu Ray DVD Burner WH14NS40 and my OS is Windows 8.1.

Today, the blu ray dvd writer's drivers got corrupted. In the device manager,I tried uninstalling the device and reinstalling it. But, still I am getting the same error message that my blu ray dvd burner's drivers are corrupted.

The message is:
Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

{Unable to Load Device Driver}
%hs device driver could not be loaded.
Error Status was 0x%x

Please provide me the URL's for the drivers to resolve this issue.

Please revert for any clarifications.

Thanks and Regards,
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Naranthiran DSystem AdministratorCommented:
Here is the link..
Click on Software Update tab..
sriramk7Author Commented:

I tried updating the firmware and I am getting the error message that "ATAPI Device cannot be found.". In the Device Manager the device is listed with the error icon.

Please help me resolve this issue by providing me url' s for the device drivers.

Thanks and Regards,

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sriramk7Author Commented:

I executed the command but the problem is still not resolved and I am getting the error icon next to the dvd drive device  in device manager.

Here is the event viewer error log.
Details tab of event viewer:

+ System

  - Provider

   [ Name]  Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PnP
   [ Guid]  {9C205A39-1250-487D-ABD7-E831C6290539}
   EventID 411
   Version 0
   Level 2
   Task 0
   Opcode 0
   Keywords 0x2000000000000000
  - TimeCreated

   [ SystemTime]  2014-08-13T13:15:40.044269500Z
   EventRecordID 1220
  - Execution

   [ ProcessID]  4
   [ ThreadID]  4156
   Channel Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PnP/Configuration
   Computer amd-8-core
  - Security

   [ UserID]  S-1-5-18

- EventData

  DeviceInstanceId SCSI\CdRom&Ven_HL-DT-ST&Prod_BD-RE__WH14NS40\4&aaf4893&0&030000
  DriverName cdrom.inf
  ClassGuid {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
  ServiceName cdrom
  Problem 0x27
  Status 0x0
General tab of event viewer:
Device SCSI\CdRom&Ven_HL-DT-ST&Prod_BD-RE__WH14NS40\4&aaf4893&0&030000 had a problem starting.

Driver Name: cdrom.inf
Class Guid: {4d36e965-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
Service: cdrom
Lower Filters:
Upper Filters:
Problem: 0x27
Status: 0x0

Please help me resolve this issue asap.

Thanks and Regards,
it can simply be the blu ray device is bad - try installing it on another system, or try installing another device on this PC
Naranthiran DSystem AdministratorCommented:
Try changing the blu ray drive data cable in different slot in the motherboard.
And Check the Bios settings for SATA port..
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