TSM simultaneous write to remote site stgpool


A new area of TSM for me, I'm stuck!

I had a requirement to implement a simultaneous write function from a primary LTO storage pool defined on our primary site to a storage pool on a DR site.  So there are two primary LTO stgpools the second one is defined as the 'NEXTPOOL' in the first stgpool.  The second one has the remote DR server stgpool defined as a copypool and also has the autocopy=migration set.

The data flow should be;

Clients backup > tapepool01 (primary LTO) migration > tapepool02 (primary LTO using migrate stpg command) > DRcopypool (DR remote site)

I have a configuration that fails to send data across to the DR remote site.  There is what looks like a successful connection, however no data is sent.

When using the 'migrate stgp tapepool01' the data commences to migrate to tapepool02 and using the autocopy=migration on the tapepool02 stgpool, a connection is made to the remote site TSM server but like I said, no data is sent.

The DR server is defined at the primary site like;

def server dr01 passw=dr01 hladdress= lladdress=1500 
def devc drclass devty=server servername=dr01
def stgp drpool drclass poolty=copy maxscr=999

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The definition above is the way I understand I needed to define the remote site and storage pool on the primary server (having referred to IBM docs)

On the DR server I run;

reg node pr01 dr01 domain=standard type=se

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This allows the primary server to be a client to the remote DR server.

I am getting the following errors on the primary server;

                        ANR1927W Autocopy process 660 stopped for storage pool
                DRTSMPOOL. The data format or device type was not
                compatible with the data format or device type of the
                primary pool. (SESSION: 5665, PROCESS: 660)

I am also seeing a virtual volumes being created by the primary server like;


On the DR server I see an entry in the activity log like;

                        ANR0520W Transaction failed for session 93 for node
                PBETSM01 (Windows) - storage pool ARCHIVEPOOL is not
                defined. (SESSION: 93)
I get that this last error is because the archivepool referred to does not exist on the DR server.  I'm getting it as if this was me using virtual volumes, then I'd create an archivepool and I guess that would fix it.

As I'm not wanting to use virtual volumes, I guess the way I have defined the primary and DR server to server connection in TSM is perhaps not the way that I really need, perhaps someone has seen this before.

The IBM documentation and guidance I have used is;

To setup the server to server communication:- http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/tsminfo/v6r2/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.ibm.itsm.srv.doc%2Ft_network_virtualvol.html

Simultaneous write;

Thank you.
John PopeIT ConsultantAsked:
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John PopeIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Sorted; my misunderstanding of the requirements. Merely had to share the library and setup simultaneous write to a stgp on the shared lib during a migration process.

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