cisco aironet 1260 series access point: DCHP

I inherited a small business with a Aironet 1260 acting as a DHCP server for the network.    There is a fiber connection to a nearby building with an few wired PCs and an Aironet 2600.  Here are my questions:

The 2600 doesn't appear to be passing dynamic IP's to the wireless equipment...?? (If I statically IP'd my laptop to the WIFI network I am fine)

Also, I can only access the Management interface of the 2600 wirelessly... (Ican access the 1260 wired or wirelessly)

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It sounds like the 2600 has a bad network connection.  Remember, link lights only indicate that ONE of the four pair of wires in the cable is good. (I'll assume you have lit-up link lights on the 2600.)
Test:  connect your laptop directly to the 2600, using a known good cable, and confirm you can ping/logon the device.  If you CAN ping it now, replace it's normal network cable.  If not, that would eliminate the cable as the issue, AND would confirm why the device is not passing DHCP though -it's not actually communicating with the wired network!

Been a LONG time since I used an Aironet; does the wireless and wired network connections use the SAME or DIFFERENT IP addresses in it's configuration?  Or does this depends on the mode of the device- like "router" (different IP's) or "bridge"(single IP).
Craig BeckCommented:
I disagree slightly with Korbus...

If you give yourself a static IP and it works (in that the client can send and receive traffic) that means TX/RX both work at the AP's Ethernet port.  Also, you can log in to the AP so it is sending and receiving traffic.

Can you post the config for each AP?

Also how are your switches connected?  What are they?  Do you have configs for those?

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howmad2Author Commented:
Thanks for responding.  How do I dump the config out of the AP?
Craig BeckCommented:
You can do it two ways...

1] Log in via CLI, then just issue show running-config and copy/paste the output.
2] Log in via GUI, go to System Software, then click the config.txt link.  That will pop-up a new window with the config in it.
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