Does Outlook for Mac 2011 Export Data from All Accounts or only Selected Account

When performing an Export function in Outlook for Mac 2011 v14.4.3 (with the following enabled:  'Export > Outlook for Data Data File (.olm) > Items of the following types: > (all checked) ):

Does this export all email, contact and calendar data from all email accounts (I pull emails from many different email accounts into Outlook) or only from the account which was highlighted when the Export function was activated?
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Ugo MenaCommented:
Yes. The OLM file will contain all of the accounts your Outlook application is setup to use, not just the one that is highlighted or currently selected. Of course you can deselect items that you do not want the archive export to contain (i.e. Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes).
qengAuthor Commented:
Perfect.  Thanks Ultralites.

Separate question (but related to what I'm trying to do):

Following my export, I plan to delete some of the email accounts I am no longer able to use (I have changed ISP providers and no longer have access to the ISP provider-based email I had with them).

Question:  If I delete one such account in Outlook for Mac (Tools > Accounts > Highlight Account to Delete > 'minus sign'), does Outlook delete just the account configuration (i.e. I'm no longer able to send or receive from that account in Outlook but my the emails previously downloaded to my Mac are still present in Outlook for Mac) or does Outlook also delete all (previous) emails and any other 'items' associated with that account which were previously downloaded onto my Mac.

This concern is raised because when I go to delete the account, Outlook generates the following warning:

'Are you sure you want to delete this account?
All items in this account will be removed from your computer. If you have copies of messages or other items on the mail server, the copies will not be affected.'

The above warning seems to suggest all previously downloaded emails will be erased (my goal is to delete just the account config but keep most of the old emails which I occasionally need to refer to).
Ugo MenaCommented:
It will remove all online content from your Outlook profile. So whatever is in the On My Computer folder and subfolders will remain, as that is all offline content.
Sounds like the account is already offline if you no longer have access... In any case, anything that is online will get removed, so make sure you export that content as outlined above.

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qengAuthor Commented:
Outlook OLM file was backed up as per expert's comment and no-longer-used email account profiles were removed from Outlook Accounts as directed.  Offline emails remained in local (on PC) email folders but I believe emails which were showing on my PC from an account which was set up as an Exchange Server may have been deleted.  Not an issue as I have the OLM backup to revert to if necessary.
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