Remote Desktop certificate update problems

I recently updated the certificate on my server hosting IIS7 and Remote Desktop Services.  The new certificate is installed under the MMC and bindings set in IIS.  The certificate was also set in Remote Desktop Gateway Services.  However, connecting to the HTTPS interface on the server still shows the old expired certificate.

Need some help running this down.
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chronolithConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
OK figured it out myself.

Setup is IIS7 on windows 2008.  Installed the cert using GoDaddy instructions.  Reset the bindings to use the new cert in IIS.  Updated the RDS gateway to use the new cert also.  Exported the cert as a PFX file from MMC including private key and all the details.  Imported the certificate to my Forefront TMG and set the web listener to use the new cert.

Never used Forefront before and turns out it was the problem the entire time.  Lesson learned.
Chad FranksSenior System EngineerCommented:
How did you import the new cert?  into the machine/personal store? via the MMC or just point to it from IIS?  Did you physically delete the old cert?
chronolithAuthor Commented:
I imported first through the MMC and then into IIS in accordance with GoDaddy's instructions (who issued the cert).  I did not physically delete the old cert.  Is this done through the MMC or do I need to go and sniper the file?
chronolithAuthor Commented:
Found some old certs on my proxy server.  Deleted them and installed the new one in the MMC.  No change.
chronolithAuthor Commented:
Figured it out myself.
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