Group Policy not applying for IE Maintenance settings

I have set a group policy to set the values in internet options >  Connections > Lan > Proxy > Advanced > exceptions to specify addresses that are to bypass the proxy for port 80 / 443 connections.   It is linked to the domain.  The Group policy is located at User Configurations > windows settings > Internet Explorer Maintenance > Connection >  Proxy settings.

Sometimes the settings show up on the local user, sometimes they don't.   I was under the impression that at logon the settings would be applied to the local computer/user.  However after checking a rebooted computer after the user logged in, the settings were not applied.   GPUPDATE /Force has no effect either.

How do these settings get pushed down?  I read somewhere that these might be preferences not settings, which could indicate that if not defined on the computer they are then set.  Not sure about this, just grasping at straws.

Checking a Group Policy modeling shows that the policy would be applied.

Could someone explain how the settings are pushed down and why they may not be getting set.  Another related question is how does the bypass proxy checkbox really work.  It seems to make any difference if it is checked or not.   This is why I went to the exceptions list approach.
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Joshua GrantomSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
User Configuration settings are only applied to user accounts when linked to User OU's

What does your Security Filtering look like for this GPO?
Your exception list should be accurate, there should not be any extra spaces, otherwise it won't apply correctly

Also are you running IE 10 OR 11, those browsers don't understand IE maintenance GPO settings, IE maintenance is removed from those browsers

Also with win 8\ 2012 server IE maintenance option is replaced via GPO preferences, you can't set IE maintenance from win 8 \ 8.1 \ 2012 \2012R2 GPMC console, instead you need to use GP preferences and there you will find options for IE 5 to IE 10, and IE 10 will also applicable to IE 11
HCSHAWAuthor Commented:
* This is a 2008r2 server environment with some 2003 legacy servers.
* The exceptions are clean, no spaces, semicolon separated.
* Browsers are IE 8 (2003 R2 Sever) and 11 (2008 R2 Server) , Chrome is current

To your point on IE11.  I do see that the policy was not applied to the Internet settings.  The exceptions are incorrect.
I ran a GP modeling on that server / user and  it shows the   policy being applied.  I checked to see if the GP could be set for 11 as described in the second link, but in the 2008r2 gp editor that option is not available. The documentation refers to 2012 so it must be a 2012 GP.

Joshua G.
It seems I have other polices that are user specific that are applied at the domain level, and they get passed off to the user.  I do not have to attach them to the OU for each user group.  So I don't think that is the issue.

Thanks for your input.  Do you have any other ideas?
That is what I am trying to suggest,
Use 2012 \ 2012 R2 \ win 8 \ 8.1 domain joined machine with GPMC and use that as a central GPMC console for all GPO operations
Check below post for more information

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HCSHAWAuthor Commented:
Your referenced links put me onto the this link:

Here it describes adding to the GP, GP Registry Entries for IE 11.    Before, I was only adding in GP entries for Internet Explorer Maintenance.  

I took my policy which was called Network Config, which created a User GP using the
USER CONFIGURATION/Policies/Windows Settings/internet explorer maintenance

and added another section for the
PREFERENCES/Windows Settings/REgistry/
Proxy Enable
Start page

Testing, it looks like it now updates the INTERNET OPTIONS consistently for the user(s).

My thought in having both the MAINTENANCE and the PREFERENCES is that one of them should apply for whatever version of IE the users is using.  We have IE8 (2003 Servers)  and above  , with mostly IE11.    The earlier versions always  appeared to get set correctly.  It could be that more GP are required to make sure the IE8 works properly, but I will  just wait and see.   Right now, all seems to be updating properly.  

Thank you for the assistance.
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