Cisco roaming VPN fails

Hi all,
I have an issue I can't fix. Have a Cisco ASA 5505 v9.0(3) which works fine with site to site VPN.
However when I run the Remote Access VPN wizard to enable a roaming VPN for legacy clients it will not connect.
I get the user authentication tab, so I enter my locally defined user and password, then I see "Securing communications channel" then "Not Connected".

Client log shows
568    17:10:50.921  08/13/14  Sev=Info/4      IKE/0x6300004B
Discarding IKE SA negotiation (I_Cookie=F263B2A36FEB6E76 R_Cookie=30FFBCC996336A76) reason = DEL_REASON_IKE_NEG_FAILED

569    17:10:50.921  08/13/14  Sev=Info/4      CM/0x63100012
Phase 1 SA deleted before first Phase 2 SA is up cause by "DEL_REASON_IKE_NEG_FAILED".  0 Crypto Active IKE SA, 0 User Authenticated IKE SA in the system

570    17:10:50.999  08/13/14  Sev=Info/4      IKE/0x63000001
IKE received signal to terminate VPN connection

571    17:10:51.966  08/13/14  Sev=Info/4      IPSEC/0x63700014
Deleted all keys

572    17:10:51.966  08/13/14  Sev=Info/4      IPSEC/0x63700014
Deleted all keys

573    17:10:51.966  08/13/14  Sev=Info/4      IPSEC/0x63700014
Deleted all keys

574    17:10:51.966  08/13/14  Sev=Info/4      IPSEC/0x6370000A
IPSec driver successfully stopped

On the ASA "debug Crypto ISAKMP" shows

 Aug 13 17:12:25 [IKEv1]Group = RoamingtotheRemoteSite098, Username = abarclay, IP = x.x.217.189, QM FSM error (P2 struct &0xcbb73a48, mess id              0xa282a5ed)!
Aug 13 17:12:25 [IKEv1]Group = RoamingtotheRemoteSite098, Username = abarclay, IP = x.x.217.189, Removing peer from correlator table failed, no match!
Aug 13 17:12:25 [IKEv1]Group = RoamingtotheRemoteSite098, Username = abarclay, IP = x.x.217.189, Session is being torn down. Reason: crypto map policy not found

I am at a loss to understand what is going on - it looks like it will connect then will not.

Strangely I can connect using my iPhone VPN client !
Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
What client PC? Windwos 8 with IPSEC you might need to do this

Windows 8 and Cisco (IPSEC) VPN Client

AlasdairbAuthor Commented:
Sorry for not replying - I didn't get a mail saying I had a respons0, I thought nobody had answered... as it turns out the roaming VPN works perfectly everywhere except in the office that uses site - to -site VPN. So I assume the ASAs were getting confused between site to site (which was already established and working fine) and me trying to use roaming VPN to the same destination. So I never needed to research any further. So I need to withdraw / close this question somehow....

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AlasdairbAuthor Commented:
thanks for taking the time to reply, I will bear this in mind when I finally jump to Windows 8.
Best regards

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