dell lattitute 5530 windows 7 64 bit

Under device management - other devices -  i keep showing the following devices flagged:

fingerprint sensor
universal serial bus (usb) controller
unknown device

I tried to unistall devices, update driver (always get not found).if i unistall them and restart they keep showing up.
I downloaded chipset driver 36c7d.., but nothing works
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Marco KloekICt manager / administratorCommented:
Have you tried to contact dell about the drivers?
Ben HartCommented:
I remember having device issues like this.. you need to install every device driver they offer.  Dell is very weird and particular about the drivers for their laptops.  The chipset driver won't handle that unknown or the fingerprint reader devices.
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Ben HartCommented:
1. Find the exact device using the following link

2. Once you find the device manufacturer and exact model, then go to the manufacture site and download it from there.
Note: Download the driver for windows 7 64 bit

After installing the drivers, reboot the computer and check the device status.
i take it that resolved the problem ?
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