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RS Client Print.cab

Below is my batch file for SCCM2007, if I copy the .cab file to locally it installs fine, but running it through SCCM from either a distribution point or locally it fails with the following error: "A failure exit code of 3 was returned.  User context: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM, please advise.

xcopy RSClientPrint.dll %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy RSClientPrint_1028.rll %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy RSClientPrint_1031.rll %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy RSClientPrint_1033.rll %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy RSClientPrint_1036.rll %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy RSClientPrint_1040.rll %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy RSClientPrint_1041.rll %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy RSClientPrint_1042.rll %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy RSClientPrint_1043.rll %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy RSClientPrint_1046.rll %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy RSClientPrint_1053.rll %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy RSClientPrint_2052.rll %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy RSClientPrint_3082.rll %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
regsvr32 /s %WINDIR%\system32\rsclientprint.dll

I really don't see why this is failing?!?
Peter Jin
Peter Jin
1 Solution
You need to specify the path to the files to copy. Assuming the dll and rll files are in the same folder as the batch script, try it like this:
xcopy "%~dp0RSClientPrint.dll" %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy "%~dp0RSClientPrint_1028.rll" %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy "%~dp0RSClientPrint_1031.rll" %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy "%~dp0RSClientPrint_1033.rll" %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy "%~dp0RSClientPrint_1036.rll" %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy "%~dp0RSClientPrint_1040.rll" %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy "%~dp0RSClientPrint_1041.rll" %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy "%~dp0RSClientPrint_1042.rll" %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy "%~dp0RSClientPrint_1043.rll" %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy "%~dp0RSClientPrint_1046.rll" %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy "%~dp0RSClientPrint_1053.rll" %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy "%~dp0RSClientPrint_2052.rll" %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
xcopy "%~dp0RSClientPrint_3082.rll" %WINDIR%\system32 /c /y
regsvr32 /s %WINDIR%\system32\rsclientprint.dll

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