Is there a Cisco router that supports 4-port PoE and Verizon Private Network 4G LTE?

jgrammer42 used Ask the Experts™
I have a client that is using a Cradlepoint CBA750LE with 4G connectivity over Private Network to Verizon.  It is working fine.  
What they would like to have though is a router with at least 1 additional PoE switch port on it so that they can support an IP camera.  Power is an issue, so having the router support a switched PoE port would be ideal.  However, is there even any kind of Cisco router that will support both switched PoE ethernet ports AND be able to support an EHWIC for Verizon 4G connectivity?  If so what are the model numbers of all the necessary parts and pieces?

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1900 series, 1941 supports ehwic cards and hwic with poe.


Thank you nickoarg.  EXACTLY what I was looking for.

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