SBS2011 - Outlook 2010 - Offline address book does not list one user.

SBS2011 - exchange 2010 - outlook 2010 (cached). (all users in offline address book except one.

Renamed a user yesterday. The user is in the global address book (can see user in OWA). But none of the workstations can see the user in the offline address book (outlook is cached for all workstations).  It's been 24 hours since the change and it should have updated by now.

(yesterday), I tried to force an upgrade from instructions I found.

Get-OfflineAddressBook | Update-OfflineAddressBook

I then stopped and restarted the file distribution service.

I'm not sure how to proceed in troubleshooting this issue to fix it.   Thank you,
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Costas GeorgiouNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Steps for quickly rebuild OAB:
1. Start EMS
2. Update OAB:
Update-OfflineAddressbook “offline address book”
or Get-OfflineAddressbook | Update-OfflineAddressbook Restart BackGround File Transfer Service on the MBX server
3. Initiate OAB replication from mail box server to CAS server. Execute for each CAS server:
Update-FileDistributionService "CASServerName"
or Get-ClientAccessServer | Update-FileDistributionService
Alternatively you can also restart Microsoft Exchange File Distribution on each CAS server: net stop MSExchangeFDS & net start MSExchangeFDS or restart-service MSExchangeFDS

works for me everytime

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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
The instructions you have found are correct, no need to do anything else.
However Outlook will only download the OAB once every 24 hours by default, so it can take up to 48 hours before the change is seen everywhere.

If you check in OWA, which uses live information, does the change show there?

JoemtAuthor Commented:
ok this is a single server environment.  so I did the following:

 1. Start EMS
 2. Update OAB:     Get-OfflineAddressbook | Update-OfflineAddressbook
 3. Restart BackGround "File Transfer Service" on the MBX server
4.restarted "Microsoft Exchange File Distribution"

I will check results......did I miss anything?
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JoemtAuthor Commented:
Did not work:   Rebooted the server today.   The global address book is correct on the server.

Workstation: if I shut off the outlook 2010  "cache"......the global address book is used and it's correct. I enable the Cache and the offline is now used and it's wrong.

The issue: The "old use name" and old email is listed. The renamed user name and new email address is not listed. Yes, I have run the "Download exchange address book" in outlook. It completes without error  and no changes.

Note: the default email address for the mailbox is the "new" email address" The old email address is listed also (so we do not loose the emails from clients). This mailbox receives mail from both addresses.

I hope all this info helps. How do I get those offline address books on the workstations to update??????
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
When you take the client out of cached mode, the address book is live.
In cached mode it is the offline address book. Therefore if the live information is correct, it is the OAB that is incorrect.

Start by shutting down Outlook completely, then deleting any *.oab files from the machine. Restart Outlook. That forces a complete download of the OAB. Is it correct then?

JoemtAuthor Commented:
This works:

 1. Start EMS
 2. Update OAB in EMS:     Get-OfflineAddressbook | Update-OfflineAddressbook
 3. Restart  "Services":
        a.  "File Transfer Service" on the MBX server
        b.  "Microsoft Exchange File Distribution"
4. At workstation perform the following in "Outlook (2010 in this case)"
        a. Go to "File" ---> "Info" ---> "Account Settings" --->"Download address book"

I've had this hang on numerous workstations and had to run it later when the server was less busy. However.......once you see the little green indicator line actually work as you would expect (steady movement from left to right). It means it worked. close and reopen outlook and you should be good.
JoemtAuthor Commented:
Includes one step not in the rest of the solutions and without have the same problem........
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