change symbol in formatted SAS Date from "/" to "-"


How would I change the "/" in a SAS formatted date to "-"?

I would like to see   01-01-2014      instead of    01/01/2014
moriniaAdvanced Analytics AnalystAsked:
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Hi there Morina,

The setting of a format type onto the variable may be what you want.  In either DATA steps and most PROC steps you can have something the following statement.
format invoiceDate DDMMYYD10.;

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which will give the numeric variable "invoiceDate" the specified format so that a date of 17 March 2014 will print out as  17-03-2014  
The final "D" in the format string "DDMMYYD10." can be interpreted as "dash".  If you replace the D with P in that format string it will print with full stops (Periods) and C instead of D will print Colons.  Without a letter in that position it prints slashes.

The following is a small subset of the formats availoable
Format      Example
DDMMYY.     17/03/11  
DDMMYY10.   17/03/2011
MMDDYY.     03/17/11  
MMDDYY10.   03/17/2011

DDMMYYD.    17-03-11  
DDMMYYD10.  17-03-2011
MMDDYYD.    03-17-11  
MMDDYYD10.  03-17-2011

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However if you have the date in a character variable then I suggest you use "translate".

data  newDataset;
       set oldDataset;

/* in this case invoiceDate is a character variable */

       /* change all slash characters into dashes */
       invoiceDate = translate(invoiceDate, '-', '/');


/* Now when printed the column invoiseDate will show  17-03-2014 instead of 17/03/2014 */

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