ssrs 2008 export to excel problems!

Hi, I'm having some issues when exporting my ssrs rdl to excel.  I was wondering if someone could help me with the following -

1.  Does an interactive sort work when exporting to excel - doesn't seem to - is there a work around?
2.  Have print range defined and the page set up so it fits on one page wide (landscape) and as many as needed long, for printing?  Can I do this when exported to excel from a rdl?
3.  When exporting to excel it seems to add on columns.  My report is has only 3 columns but when exporting it seems to make new columns making it impossible to print without user deleting the extra columns.  Is there a work around?
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Auto sort will not work when exported because Excel does not have an equivalent, however a workaround is to use a filter in Excel which will allow you to sort from the filter dropdown

You cannot define a print range but if your margins and alignment of all the controls are set, it can work out that it will print correctly as is.  This requires a lot of tweaking to get it to work like this.

The report renderer will add columns as necessary to make the resulting excel file look as close to the original as possible.  To work around this, make all of your textboxes and controls line up EXACTLY with eachother... make the header textboxes line up exactly with table/matrix columns etc.  If any two controls are off even by a few pixels, the renderer will create a new column on the workbook to compensate.

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eluceroAuthor Commented:
For the issue that adds the extra columns to the excel ss - I have only a table with no headers and it still adds on columns.  Any suggestions?
Are you 100% sure that everything is aligned to the pixel?  Every single item has to be perfectly aligned or that is the result.
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eluceroAuthor Commented:
How do I get it to align to the pixel since 2008 doesn't have snap to grid?  Or can't see it.
I hate to say it but trial and error. Take notice where the extra columns are being created and use that as a guide to adjust a little at a time.
Thank you for the grade! Good luck in your ssrs quests!
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