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Access forms freezing

Hey Everyone,

I have a form freezing problem with my Access 2010 program.  The program has one main form that has an area where many different subforms could appear.  At seemingly random times, with different subforms trying to appear (so it is not just with one or another), the screen does something funky and the person using it has to shut down Access.

I have attached a picture of what it looks like, but basically you can see the main form BEHIND something that is trying to appear.  Sometimes that something is even the behind the scenes of Access. The subform area is under the line of buttons you see.

Here are some specifics that may be relevant:
1. The front and back end have not been split
2. Everyone accesses the same version via a shortcut on their desktop to where the program resides on a server
3. Even though there can be as many as 6-12 people on it at once, the issues above happen even if there are one or two on the system.

Any insights would be VERY helpful.
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Wow this was extremely helpful!  Thank you!  I am going to try this, I never knew about the decompile, that is definitely worth a shot (as well as the splitting)
Just FYI,

To get better screenshots:
Hit the PrtScr button on your keyboard
Open MS Paint
Click edit-->Paste
Then save the file and post the file here using the "Insert Image" button:
Like this:
User generated image

Thank you!  I appreciate any tips and tricks :D
We split it and all went well!