Incoming Call Pickup Issue - Mitel 5330 Phone

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I opened a ticket with our phone vendor about two months ago and we have been struggling with one issue with our Mitel Phone system. We have a user who states that when she picks up phone calls, there about 10 to 15 second delay on when the call connects. This issue will occur for both internal (extension to extension) and external calls.Please note that this will not occur for every call this user receives.

We two offices and we use a feature called hotdesking. This allows a user to log onto a Mitel phone with their office extension they are traveling from. The issue does not occur in our remote location when she logs in.

We have tracked down the issue to only occur in our main office. Ontop of that, it will only occur if they are on the headset.  We do have one other user that see's this issue and reported it.

We have done the following to troubleshoot this issue:

1. Replaced the Mitel Phone

2. Replaced all headset equipment

3. Replaced all Ethernet Cabling

4. Moved the onto a different switch in the office.

5. Recreated the extension and removed all features off the extension.

Note - We can also confirm that the other user that reported it is also on the same type of headset. When they do not use the headset, the issue does not occur.

We have many employee's in the office on this type of equipment and the users who reported it are only these two users.

I have so far found that the issue is in our main office and it is headset related. I am not sure how to troubleshoot further down on this.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advanced!
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Tim EdwardsIT Team Lead - Unified Communications & Collaboration

You have done a great job with troubleshooting. I am guessing that you are using the bluetooth bundle from Mitel? when you replaced the headset did you also replace the  mitel bluetooth module?

Are you hotdesking, if so have you logged in and are you experiencing the same issue. I am guessing but both 5330's are using the same COS?


Hi Tim,

Thanks for the quick reply.

The headset we are using is a Plantronics M22 Vista headset box with a plantronics HW251N setup.

When we did replace her setup, we replaced both headset box and the headset. We did also change out the batteries and plugged in a new AC adapter.

I am a hot desk user and I have not seen the issue, however I do use a wireless headset.

Would it be helpful to show you the class of service options enabled for the COS (the HotDesk user COS) via a screen shot ?
IT Team Lead - Unified Communications & Collaboration
Yes, if you could please provide me with the COS for your hotdesking user, sorry I am unfamiliar with the plantronics headsets I have only every used the Mitel but I will definitely see what I can do to help you out with this.

Have you every logged into this particular phone and experienced the same issue?

I know that you have replaced the cable on both ends, and switch the switch port but have you tested the cable runs from the users office jack to patch panel and verified that it is a 100%. I only asked because I had a user who every once in a while could not dial into conference bridges because the DTMF codes were not probably going through and it came down to the inside wiring.

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