Adding A Media Server with Computer

We have one computer that I would like to make it a media server.  We have NSA325 as well.  We installed a few video files but they do not seem to be recognized by the Roku 3.  We have a Linksys BEFSR4, but I am wondering if I can wipe that system, and use a USB cable to hook up to the Windows 7.  

Roku does work with a few (at least):
Roku Media Player

I am sure there are others, the Roku Media Player seems to find the programs, I just probably need to convert them to another type.  

But I would like to have the computer "empty" if possible.  The other Windows 7, has a Tivo Media Server - I have to convert those over to another file if I want to watch them (but that comes later).  

Basically, the system is a bit old but I have ran a few video files and there has been no problems.  I don't know if a Linksys router would work - if that would see it as another system, or can the computer system be seen as another NSA?

Thank you!
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Cris HannaCommented:
So where are you trying to play these files too?   A TV, another computer??
I'm using Windows Home Server 2011 with Serviio installed on it.   It's connected to the Wireless Router by CAT5.   Then attached to my big screen I have a Sony Home Theatre System which is DLNA compliant and finds the Serviio Media Server and plays a very wide variety of files including .mkv

So my suggestion would be to install Serviio on that Win7 machine...then any DLNA compliant device should find it

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coreybryantAuthor Commented:
On the Roku.  I was hoping that I could basically use the drives in that computer just as storage for the most part and have another system run it.  

I'll look for Serviio but I have not seen it on Roku.
Cris HannaCommented:
According to quick Google search...ROKU boxes are not DLNA they can't grab files directly from media servers.   Roku has forums where a variety of options are discussed
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coreybryantAuthor Commented:
I had seen that but I thought those apps helped to bypass.  Some apps will plays / songs on Amazona Cloud / DropBox etc.  

Thank you!
coreybryantAuthor Commented:
By the way, Any Media Converter will convert almost everything and pretty fast. I test a lot and this was one I was impressed with so far.  It will not convert .TIVO files.  I guess I need to rely on the TiVo Media Server and then I can convert it.  I am going to try it with one .TIVO file and see how the conversion does.  It can also record online videos - I think I can play them thru the paid TiVo media Server

So is there a way to maybe have the computer "just there" - perhaps the media server you suggested.  I guess I was hoping more for another external disk (hooked up thru Ethernet / USB).

Thank you!
Cris HannaCommented:
You can put all your media on an external USB, connect that external usb drive to the computer running in Serviio.
coreybryantAuthor Commented:
Plex.TV – It says it is DLNA Certified, to also work on PSP3, Xbox 360, and WDTV Live devices – without the need of a dedicated app.  Plus you can download your movie to watch later (flying). It also will sync to DropBox, Google Drive, Bitcasa, and box. Cost: $0.00

Roku Media Player – This does not tell about the device and it seems to work sporadically. This is an app, nothing needs to be installed on computer.  Cost: $0.00 It says it will allow you to stream from your Dropbox, Google Drive, and SugarSync accounts. It only supports four platforms (Roku, Google TV or Adroid TV / Google Services for TV, Android-based Tablets and TVs, and Panasonic VierCast TV)  They seem to build more apps across different platforms (TiVo, D-Link, NetGear, Opera, Western Digital, Boxee, Huawei, Panasonic, etc) Cost: $0.00

MB Media Center This one has seem pretty interesting. It seems to support Windows (it was in my Windows 8.1 Mobile store), Roku, HTML5, Android, and Apple.  This one sounds like the bestCost: $6.00

MB Media Centre Light – This seemed to be the first one and a lot of people seemed to enjoy it but when the other version came out, people started to notice hiccups. $0.00

RoConnect It can stream your videos at work or home.  It will connect with more than one Roku device and is even integrated into IMDB.

Browser Streaming

roConnect will also stream your media to any browser on any computer! If you don't have a Roku™ Player, simply connect your laptop to the TV and your set. Yet another way you can stay connected with your media.
And as far as I can tell, the server / download is $0.00

DS Video With this, there might be a lot of bugs to work out.

The problem that is really bad, Comcast / Xfinity will not support Roku.  So if you pay for Showtime and HBO, you can watch shows on an Xbox360.  

I am just afraid that once I get it set up, I am going to have to move it
coreybryantAuthor Commented:
I guess Plex takes it all into consideration sill hoping for the right answer on Roku.
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