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We have an excel that will connect to BI server but in case there is no network connection, a message box will be popped up to connect to the server.

Is it possible to disable the box if there is a connection problem to BI server ? Tks
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Ryan McCauleySenior Data Architect

No, you can't disable this warning - it's Excel telling you that it can't connect. It should only appear when you try to refresh the data and the server isn't available. If you're getting the warning when you first open the sheet and it's not connected, you can disable the "Auto refresh data when sheet is opened" for that data connection (instructions via

1) Open Microsoft Excel workbook.
2) Click a cell in the external data range.
3) Click the 'Data' tab. (The 'Data' tab appears.)
4) From the 'Manage Connections' group, click the 'Refresh All' drop-down list and select 'Connection Properties'. (The 'Connection Properties' dialog box appears.)
5) From the 'Refresh control' group, select the 'Refresh data when opening the file' check box.
6) Click 'OK'.


The setting is grey on my Excel 2013. Any idea ?
Senior Data Architect
Have you selected a cell within the data area before opening that menu? It looks like the data table isn't active.

Alternatively, you could click "Connections" just above and to the right of that menu to view all the connections in the sheet (without selecting the data table) and then just modify the settings from there.



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