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Not sure if you can figure out what kind of network I have but here are some fuzzy details.  The reason I need somewhat of an answer is there are some people for a new phone system coming over and I can't get hold of someone at our ISP at the moment.  We have 3 offices that are connected together by T1 lines (I think)  to create a WAN.  I believe that we lease the lines from them.  They also have made some changes lately.  They keep talking about a co location of co-lo I think they said.  Not sure what this is for.  We share a 15Mb internet line. Each office getting 10.  I see that recently an Alcatel Lucent device has been installed at the locations.  Model is 7705 SAR-M.  We also have an Adtran Netvanta 3430. This has been here for a long time and I'm not sure if it is in use because of the Alcatel device.  I could be wrong.  I will send a network map of our old topology that will help.  ISP said that the Network map is pretty accurate except for the new devices installed.  My question is trying to figure out a name for this setup.  Is it point to point or hub and spoke or something else.  We do not have a VPN between the offices.
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mkramer777Author Commented:
Here is some info I found from our ISP from an email.  They are talking about the changes of the network map.  Maybe this would help in determining what kind of network I have here.

the "MALC" is the new ASA and the Fortigate
          is the DCN (ISP) Internet router. Also, the 1544 devices have been
          swapped for Alcatel 7705.
Khandakar Ashfaqur RahmanExpert/ConsultantCommented:
This topology is not enough to identify whether it is Point to Point or Hub and Spoke.

But most of the ISPs and organizations use Point to Point.Hub and Spoke has Split Horizon issue.Therefore Route won't be updated to another location if you don't stop Split Horizon.

Point to Point environment is nice.And for Point to Point network sub-interfaces use into ISP router due to avoid Split Horizon. Keep in mind that DCN won't be changed even if you change your topology from Hub and Spoke to Point to Point. It is only the configuration that will confirm you the either Hub and Spoke or Point to point.

However,from You scenario there are different VLAN's. So, mostly it is Point to Point.

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