How do I apply text attributes to column headings in a QlikView pivot table ?


I have a pivot table object in a QlikView dashboard but am struggling to find the tab option to change the text attributes of column headings. The headings are for two expression columns which I wish to make bold.

However, the Font tab, under Font Style, has a value of 'Set by Style' which I don't appear to be able to change.

Any ideas ?

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RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
There's a bit of mucking around to get this one to work.  You have to either allow advanced layout settings or clear the style for the table.  I'm trying to remember!..  I've fired up Qlikview so I'll take a look and let you know.
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
sorry, I've read this wrong.  To bold the heading, right click on the heading on the desktop view and choose "Custom Format Cell".  If you don't see this then you need to enable it:
Then you'll see this when you click "Custom Format Cell"

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TocogroupAuthor Commented:
Not QV's most intuitive feature.
Thanks again
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
No definitely not. You know how long it took for me to find that the first time? I'm sure it was days....
I know you can also use codes in expression strings like "=<b> my heading name</b>". I just couldn't remember if it was square it angle brackets.
Yes there's a lot to be desired about their interface. Just out of curiosity, what version are you running?
TocogroupAuthor Commented:
11.00.11149.0 IR to be exact
Yes, they look like HTML tags
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