need help configure an hp procurve 2810-24G switch

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Hello Experts,

First of all, I just want to let you know that I don't know much about switches and routers, so please bear with me on this.  I really need help getting this new hp procurve reconfigured so that our devices on our network can talk to one another.  So here's what going on - our hp procurve failed and no one has record of what was configured there, in other words, there's no backup of its configuration.  HP replaced the device, however, there are a few devices on other vlans/networks can't communicate to one another.  I am able to take pictures and create some notes, and hope you could guide me through reconfiguring this new hp procurve device.  Please see attached for what I was able to pull.
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Please advise on the devices that are having issues. List what vlan they belong to and how they are uplinked to the HP Procurve. HP handles VLANs via Tagging. In simple terms a client "belongs" to whatever vlan it is "untagged" on. Ports that connect between devices pass traffic based on what is "tagged". If you want traffic from all vlans then all vlans on that uplink port need to be tagged. Make sense?
Is this switch supposed to do routing between vlans?
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@MDyer268 - PI_LAN and CAISO_LAN are having issues... I can't see them from HCC_LAN. So if I want to see anything beyond switch 2, I have to tag port 24T on the procurve, and if I want to see anything pass switch 1, I have to tag port 23T on the procurve?
@jburgaard - I believe so, but don't know how to configure it
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HP Procurves have a decent Gui so try hitting that or using the "menu" command from the CLI. Make sure your uplink ports are "Tagging" the vlans you want to be able to connect. Also make sure you have IP routing enabled or a default gateway if it is not.

Are you sure it's a Procurve 2810? That switch is a layer 2 only switch, cannot route between VLANs. From your Cisco setup, it doesn't appear that VLANs 553 and 559 are configured, which suggests that you had a routing switch (layer 3) such as the Procurve 2610, but the pic looks like a 2810.
Please confirm that this is a Procurve 2810 and that it's the same model that you had before.
P.S. that Cisco config seems goofy, too.
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@MDyer268 - so looking at the first page of the "general-network-view.pdf" file, port #25 on switch 2 is tagged I believe, and therefore, there's no link to it until port 24T on the new hp procurve is configured somehow... like it should be tagged too?  If yes, what would be the command to tag it?  I can't seem to see tag from the GUI anywhere under the configuration tab.

@schaps - yes, it's a 2810 switch... and I don't think it's routing any traffic (but of course i'm not sure abou this either)... I know for sure that it's providing connections to our clients/servers and "switch 2" on another floor.  however, "switch 2" is not getting any connectivity now... and I think there's something that need to be configured for port 24T on the procurve to link "switch 2" to it.

Did you set the Procurve switch to have IP
From any *working* PC on the network, can you ping what about

Can you telnet to the Procurve switch, do a "show run" and attach that?

Right now, I am thinking that the other VLANs (553 and 569) are from some earlier config no longer used, in which case you don't need a routing switch. But did you configure this new one at all?
What is happening is starting to make sense if you had just hooked up a new switch with no configuration-- some stuff would work, some would not. We can get it figured out though, with a little more info.

I did some diagramming, and I think I understand the situation if you can get me those few details. If you cannot telnet to the switch or access its web interface, let me know, and I'll help you figure that out.
Once we get telnet connection established, I will be able to give you the exact commands to configure it so it will work. Are you not at the office now until tomorrow?
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@schaps - sorry I stepped out for other things.. I'm getting the info for you right now.  Please hold on... if you can't get to it, don't worry... I'm available almost 24/7... as long as this is working again :)  Thank you.
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@schaps - is set on an Adtran device.  According to some paperwork I found, the procurve was set with IP, and unfortunately, that's the only info related to the procurve I could find.

from any working pc on the network... yes, I can ping both and

"show run" from putty session for the procurve yields:

ProCurve Switch 2810-24G# show run

Running configuration:

; J9021A Configuration Editor; Created on release #N.11.52

hostname "ProCurve Switch 2810-24G"
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   untagged 1-24
   ip address dhcp-bootp

ProCurve Switch 2810-24G#

So the Adtran device is still in service? I am out for a bike ride but will be back shortly.
I think this will just be a few config items to get back in good shape.
Let me know about the Adtran and if it's hooked up to the same ports as before.
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No worries and no rush please. Have fun biking. The Adtran is the router for the site. I'm not sure if it's connect to the same port on this new Procurve, but if required, it can be done.
OK, based on what I've seen here, the configuration below should be at least part-way there. Without knowing where the router connects in, it's impossible to say.

Make sure nothing is plugged into Port 1, that's a failsafe to access the switch if something goes wrong.
Connect to the switch with telnet or console cable.
At the command prompt, type or copy/paste the lines below:
conf t
vlan 1 name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
vlan 1 ip address
vlan 1 untagged 1
vlan 1 no untagged 2-22
vlan 2 name "HCC_LAN"
vlan 2 ip address
vlan 2 untagged 2-21
vlan 2 tagged 23-24
vlan 553 name "PI_LAN"
vlan 553 no ip address
vlan 553 untagged 22
vlan 553 tagged 23-24
vlan 569 name "CAISO_LAN"
vlan 569 no ip address
vlan 569 tagged 23-24

Open in new window

For accuracy, copying and pasting is the best method, and you can do the whole thing at once, but depending on how you're connected to the switch, it may not be easy to paste. You'll have to decide whether you can do that or just want to type out each line. Note that if you are connected with telnet, you may lose connectivity when the IP address is assigned in VLAN 2. If so, you'll have to re-connect with the new IP, "conf t" again and continue.

Let me know any questions.
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the router connects to port 13 on the procurve, but i think it's fine there because everything seems to work perfectly now!  thanks so much for the quick help, schaps!!

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