Brocade 300 Setup Help

Just received my first two fiber switches that I am going to be setting up.  I have never setup a fiber switch before so I apologize for any mediocre/stupid questions.

With that said, I have two Brocade 300 (HP Storage Works 8/24) switches.  I also have 2 HP B Series Fiber switches in my c7000 chassis.  I have gotten as far as connecting the b series switches to each of the 300's (300's are not connected to each other directly).  If I don't create any zones, a server I am using to test connectivity can see our T120 Spectralogic tape drive. The strange thing is it is seeing two medium changers and 4 drives even though I only have one medium change and two drives.  So this leads me to believe something isn't right.

In addition, I have tried to create two zones.  A storage zone and a backup zone.  I can create the alias, zone, and zone config, but upon applying my test server doesn't see the T120 anymore.  I am hard zoning so that the first 8 and last 6 ports are the storage zone and the middle 10 ports are the backup zone.  I have confirmed that the server is plugged into a port in the same zone as the T120, but still no go.

In addition, I have a question about having a server cabled to a single fiber port, and that port being able to see devices in both my storage and backup zone.  Can a single port be in two different aliases, and therefore two different zones?

So to sum it up, my questions are:
1)  What do I need to do to successfully connect the four switches together (perhaps this is already done as I see all 4 switches under my Fabric when I log into the switch)?
2)  What do I need to do to correctly configure the zones?
3)  Can a single port be in two different aliases, and therefore two different zones?
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Max SandoStorage EngineerCommented:
You might want to switch over to WWN zoning. You can get done what you want with port zones but WWN zones will be easier to work with I assure you.

3) Yes, a port can be in multiple aliases if you are using aliases.

Can you tell me about your licenses? Are you sure all the ports on the 300 are licensed? Most of the time these switches come with only a few ports activated and the rest you have to do yourself.

How is your tape drive connected to this system?

Are the switches in your C7000 connected at all, or are we running two fabrics?

Did you activate the zone config after creating and saving? Please confirm....

Once you can confirm all your ports are activated lets switch over to WWN zoning if you don't mind and see if we can get it working. I assume your tape drive is plugged into both C7000 switches. Being server X is plugged into your Brocade 300s and can see the tape drive I assume your Fabric IDs are set correctly on the switches (please confirm).

Lets start with one zone on each swich. Put the WWN of Server X and the WWN of your tape drive in SuperFunHappyZone, save, activate zone config. You should see it at this point. Do it on the other Brocade 300, if you are still seeing double then your running into a multipath problem.

So that's formatted pretty poorly but check it out, let me know.. I'm sure we can figure it out.

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