Joined mac to the domain, can't log in with a user account. Can log in with Domain admin and local admin

Hi Experts,

We have a macbook pro. Joined it to the domain. We are able to log into the computer after joining it to the domain with a local admin and domain admin. But not able to log in with domain user, the screen just shakes when we try to log in and nothing else happens.

What is next step in troubleshooting?

Thank You,
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Brad GrouxConnect With a Mentor Senior Manager (Wintel Engineering)Commented:
Have you confirmed that the computer account for the Mac was created in Active Directory Users and Computers?

If so... insure you are on the network, it may have something to do with the mobile account creation. This tech republic article takes you through all of the steps required for getting a Mac on the domain, and then allowing the domain user to login to the Mac when not on the domain or network via the mobile account.
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